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  1. I'm rebuilding my computer at work on the company's dime. I can't use a gpu because the boss is tech savvy enough to know it's not needed in our line of work. He isn't however aware of Ryzen APUs. So I'm building a stealth gaming build with a 2400g for when I'm alone in the office, which is often enough. I have to use the old case, which is mATX. One the plus side I have a spare 240mm AIO to use for cooling, so I plan on overclocking it to the max. Since I've saved on budget I grabbed a kit of 3200 B-Die ram. Last thing I need is the motherboard. Does anyone have any recommendations for either an mATX or ITX board that would be best for overclocking that APU? I was looking at the ASRock - B450M PRO4 Micro ATX AM4, but honestly feedback on it and it's B350 predecessor has put me off.
  2. Giantirishman

    Can't Remember Old RPG, please help.

    Thanks for suggesting it, but I checked that list before I came here. Either it's not on it, or the title/box art so little resembles the game I can't recognize it.
  3. Giantirishman

    Can't Remember Old RPG, please help.

    Thanks for the suggestions, nah those are too cartoonish. This was more D&D art style, Darker and grittier than those titles.
  4. Giantirishman

    Can't Remember Old RPG, please help.

    I'm trying to remember the name of an RPG from the early 2000s, PS2 I believe is what I saw it on. You start out as a wrongfully accused prisoner who is forced to wear a mask that has teeth that bite down so it can't be removed. It has an elemental theme as various weapons and armor associated with different elements are more or less effective on different foes. A friend had it and I can't recall the name, or find it easily searching with what little I remember of it. Thanks for your help.
  5. I'm looking for advice on a mATX mobo for a new Ryzen apu build. Looking for either one that is compatible out of the box or one that can be flashed without having another Ryzen cpu. Other than that just looking for a quality board, not concerned with cost. Thanks in advance!