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  1. I have been having quite a weird problem as of late, in any valve server i join, mainly being Luxembourg servers in tf2. normally i get 10-20 ms delay on all servers yet over time it has been rising up with out explanation (currently got a fiber connection 500Mb upload and download) Problem description: every time i play on Luxembourg servers i get greeted with a 70-90 ms latency which is just unusual. When joining any other server with a different location like Stockholm and Madrid i get 40 ms and 60 ms respectively which is fine all things considered till you see that I live in the Netherlands which would mean i should i much lower ping overall of any other server unless they are even more closely located to me. now i am just unsure what to do really...
  2. aswell is my psu good enough for the stystem i am running
  3. Hey guys i have a question i really wanna know whats bottle necking my system I have a: gtx 1060 MSI GPU Core i5 4460 CPU h81m-plus MOBO Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 CPU COOLER 3 fans 2 front 1 back a 1TB HHD Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 500 PSU I mostly play tf2 on low setting to get best fps (on dustbowl map of spam/frags) 200 Fps max (mostly during spawn and non intense combat) 100 Fps Avg (when multibe people are spamming abit of rockets and stick's) 70-90 lows (Both teams head on spamming the shit out of each other with explosives) and i am looking near a 120 on avg and lows 110, max fps doenst really matter to me. what can i do different?
  4. Alright thx! i'll try fixing this when i got time, and better internet
  5. Hello! (i am not sure if this the right place to put this topic, i'll freeball it and see what happens) But i have a problem with the new steam update, it cant seem to detect my mic what so ever, I tried all 3 options. There seems to be (from my knowledge) no mic detect as the previous version's had it! Any help trying to help fix this problem would be amazing
  6. Hello community. for some reason i cant load any video's on youtube, they just keep freezing yet the sound keeps going. i have windows 10 64bit, and mostly use chrome gtx 950 Strix I5 4460 8GB off ddr3 ram. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thing's i'f already tryed are restart chrome. (duh) Got a new grapics driver installed remove any add block extensions Tried reinstalling adobeflash Tried different browser, edge seemded to work fine for the first like 1-2 mins then just freezes up, aswell try skipping any time makes it jump like 10 mins instead of the 1 min i indicated reinstalled chrome restarted my pc. turned something off and then on (not sure what but k) had to be included turned hardware acceleration off. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as you can see i tried quite alot, any possible fixes would be great, please don't say anything above which i already did.. saves probs alot of time.
  7. I Might messagee back if i have more problems that might occur.
  8. seems not to be matching? or somthing like dat idk. it didnt change anything tho