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  1. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    I would slipstream the USB drivers into Windows 7 if I was able to make the mouse work at all. The PS/2 mouse that I have works on the smallest bottom section of the screen and will not go above that, like it is hitting the top of the screen.
  2. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    Will give it a go, but I do not have the same motherboard and the BIOS on mine honestly feels limited compared to others such as AsRock. Thank you nonetheless.
  3. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH IT WAS SPACE!! CHRIST ALMIGHTY. Sorry, need to compose myself before I crawl into a ball and cry about how I never tried space. Thanks Changis for suggesting that by the way. I am keeping this thread open until I have got this OS working in case any other issues arise. Please stay tuned if I post any more uninformed help requests. Many thanks.
  4. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    Took a quick step back and realized something called Unattended Install. Is there any way I can be helped with that?
  5. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    There are no Ease of Access settings, and the key combinations do not work! Don't run out of ideas please, I literally need this done before Wednesday :/.
  6. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    To further add to this with an issue because believe it or not I am booting from a disc (please put down your torch and pitchfork at me being so outdated and lazy to not make USB boot media) it has the prompt for 'Press any key to boot into Disc' which means that since PS/2 needs to be plugged in prior to boot, the mouse only option with the on screen keyboard would not work :(.
  7. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    So there may be still hope then. What is the specific Alt key press order then? Something such as Alt + <- or another combination along those lines? The Ease of Access settings with just the mouse and the on screen keyboard are also giving me some hope too. Thanks :).
  8. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    Have tried doing that, the issue is that I cannot get past the part where there is a checkbox to say 'I agree to the licence terms' since the keyboard will not arrow key or tab over to the checkbox for me to say yes.
  9. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    This is not the time or the place to bang on about how old Windows 7 is and how it is not a supported OS :p. Welcome back though manikyath to my essay posts. Explain what you mean by a USB port provided by a chipset if you will.
  10. Windows 7 Pro Install USB 2.0 Not Working

    Installing Windows 7 Pro on someone else's PC which has Ryzen (apparently that doesn't work with an OS not from this decade, but there are workarounds) and I have been met with the issue that USB 2.0 doesn't work at all. Both the mouse and the keyboard detect and work in the BIOS but when the install screen and dialogue appear, they do not detect or even switch on. I do have PS/2 peripherals at my disposal but only one PS/2 port on the back of my motherboard. I've considered a splitter for the PS/2 ports but from some reading up, I have found that some people's motherboard does not detect the second peripheral as the PS/2 port on their board will only detect one peripheral. Some form of a hasty response would be nice. Thanks.
  11. Fresh Install, Laggy PC

    Got SSD, installed ALL drivers and Windows 1607 to it, awaiting to see game performance but video is good.
  12. Fresh Install, Laggy PC

    A quick side note, I have been told that Game DVR could be causing game freeze issues, I have looked or the option to turn it off outright (always meant to) and there is none in either the Settings app or the Xbox app. Any ideas?
  13. Fresh Install, Laggy PC

    As of now, I have installed my graphics card, CPU, motherboard and GPU drivers and nothing has changed. I do not believe I had ever changed any BIOS settings and nothing out of the ordinary (such as Edge) is running in the background. Is this the new Windows update that is causing this slow down? Would there be a noticeable difference if I did switch over to an SSD? Is using a hard drive the problem? That is literally the last idea that I have.
  14. Fresh Install, Laggy PC

    Installed Windows updates and drivers. Still the computer is being the same as it used to be. Anything else I should do?
  15. Fresh Install, Laggy PC

    Specs for Manikyath if you're still wondering. AMD Ryzen 7 1700 8GB Corsair Vengance LPX DDR4 RAM (dual channel) EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 1TB WD Blue HDD EVGA 450B PSU Can someone point me to driver download locations (except for Nvidia drivers)?