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  1. Hey guys so I tested out the headphones with my laptop and my motherboard output(ALC 1220 with AMP) and with the zen dac honestly the best hearing experience was on the ALC1220 with the power output set to ultimate and a little tweaks on nahimic.
  2. As the title says, I'm looking for a DAC, AMP combo for the headphones. My main goal is to get "best" sound possible from the cans. (I know best is subjective). I'm planning to maybe spend 100-200$
  3. The drop off in signal is too high due to lots of concrete. Having multiple SSIDs is kinda inneficient
  4. Is there a way to have seamless connection all around without any loss I'm experience?
  5. I have a couple of old routers lying around. Want to set up these around multiple rooms in a uni-dorm where each room has a LAN connection. Internet is routed through a login gateway. Want to have a seamless wifi mesh network where you aare connected to the closest LAN port through the AP rather than all the APs just repeating the original signal in a chain, If chaining dosn't have any downsides, please let me know the pro and cons.
  6. Exactly what I asked. University network is a DHCP server. Can I just set a static IP in my router? Wont DHCP force a new ip?
  7. I have a DD-WRT flashable router, how do i proceed?
  8. This is a university LAN infrastructure where there are separate switches for each block, which are then connected through the uni backbone to the internet and themselves. IPs are granted through a central DHCP server. What I want to do is I want to have a router on repeater mode which captures a off uni-internet wife and repeats it through its LAN ports (WDS?) So if I connect through the LAN ports on the router I can access this WiFi but what I want to achieve here is I want to connect to this router from another computer on the above mentioned university LAN infra. and use this other WiFi connection. I can ping this router from another computer on the network (obviously) Might not be relevant but on windows network tab where you can share files, only the computers connected to the immediate switch are being show