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  1. Damn, thanks guys. I just tested out encrypting a new folder and got a popup saying to back up keys. Don't remember getting that when I did this before. Oh well guess I can delete and move on.
  2. I encrypted a folder on a HDD on windows 10 and then swapped it to a new computer and no longer have permission to access files. Ownership is set to everyone. I can access the old computer if I absolutely need (sold to a friend and wiped it) but would rather not have to if possible. Ideas?
  3. benwa11ace

    Only Netflix video player makes me lag?

    Tried firefox as well as my normal chrome and no difference.
  4. benwa11ace

    Only Netflix video player makes me lag?

    I'm running 6700k 1070 16gb ram. Turning down bandwidth does nothing. Neither does playing on borderless/windowed/fullscreen/ or vsync on/off. Tried everything I could think of really.
  5. I have a great computer and I use two displays. I have for the longest time been unable to play any video game without stuttering while streaming netflix on my other monitor. It is ONLY netflix that does this. Hardware acceleration does nothing. The lag is like a really bad stutter that gets especially bad when you turn side to side in a game.I lock my mouse to my main display when gaming so that is not it. And it is definitely NOT my computer specs. This happens for my brother as well so I assume everyonethat has tried to stream netflix and game has this problem. Does anyone know of a way to either use another video player for netflix (maybe a 3rd party site of some sort) or another fix?
  6. Ping is always less than 50 in all games, usually closer to 15 than 50. Yep in CSGO it shows no packet loss, choke or increased var. Happening in all games.
  7. Sorry didn't read that second part. Its like i'm skipping 5 feet at a time as is everyone else and then works for 10 seconds then goes back to shit. It definitely looks a lot more like server lag than fps lag. Especially seen as my fps stays above 200 in every game while it happens.
  8. Tried that. Doesn't work.
  9. ISP said nothing is wrong on their end. Never thought to try offline game... will get back to you.
  10. So you think some hardware is failing? Any ideas on how to diagnose issue? The lag itself looks just like server lag.
  11. It looks a hell of a lot like server lag but no ping spikes or packet loss. i7 6700k, gtx 1070, 16gb ram,gigabyte z170mx gaming 5
  12. Hey just gonna copy from my /r/ techsupport thread. No one has answered me there Any suggestions welcome! Operating System ================== Windows 10 Model of modem, router, or other devices ================== Bell home hub 3000 I think its called IP Configuration ================== https://paste.rtechsupport.org/view/3a6c53be When the issue began ================== February 5th Recurring issue ================== Yes Date of purchase ================== N/A Description of problem ================== Really bad stutter/freezing lag in video games. Low ping, no packet loss or choke, ISP said everything is good on their end. Happens on multiple games. Speedtest says everything is perfect. Cause/Steps to recreate the issue ================== Just happens eventually while playing, usually <1 hour from when I turn my computer on. What I've tried so far to resolve the issue ================== Updated all drivers, restart modem multiple times, ipconfig flush renew and release command, restart computer, disabled antivirus.