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  1. Ok. Well I am just going for one GPU right now since I dont need 2 GPU's. The strix does look sweet BUT it does not have more display ports the G1 has since if I get 4K monitors I will be pulling through DP.
  2. Ok so I bought a NZXT 850 WATT PSU for my build. It is x99 with a 5960x. Here is the pcparkpicker. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Yrn2f7 I was wondering if I should go ahead and get a bigger PSU or if this should bee good to go. I am of course going to be OCing it and the GPU.
  3. I forgot in 10.6.x but if you go to System Preferences>Display there might be a check to switch between the on board GPU and dedicated.
  4. Ok thanks! Glad to hear from someone that has it crossfired. And yes this is going to be my middle build before my awesome build hopefully later this year. It will deff have enough air flow or I can just pop in some more fans or get another case in the meantime. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Well it looks great overall! I might say if you want to save a little bit of money get Windows 8.1 Pro from G2A. I havent been on there in a while but it used to be like $25 US for the OS. Plus with Windows 8.1 overall its a lot faster and smoother than Windows IMO.
  6. Yes yes. I deal with craigslist all the time. I know what im doing when it comes to that sort of things. Ok great! Ya I might just keep this as a mid range then get my personal custom built high end one later this year on cyber monday.
  7. So I am looking at a rig that I want to possibly get. I know this is not the best of all builds but I was wondering how the performance would be for 2 R9-270x's in a rig. Here are the specs of the rig im looking at from someone: Intel Core i5-4670k 8 GB 1866 Mhz RAM Dual Sapphire Radeon R9-270x in Crossfire 240 GB Crucial SSD 1 TB Seagate 7200 RPM HDD Corsair 400R case The main thing im looking at is the GPU and if the 270's would be good enough to perform well on like Bf4 and such on close to high or max on 1080p. I had another rig with a GTX770 so I dont know if this would compare to a 770 or not (price to performance and such). Any input from peeps that have this GPU or know a bit more on the AMD side would be awesome! Thanks!
  8. Umm yes its going to come down. Ill just wait a long while to they come down really far. I mean DDR3 right now is just fine for what I need and much more for gaming.
  9. This might actually be true. Plus you know how those cafes have such good wifi protection. lol. Also the photos that were deleted but retrieved from iCloud is a bit interesting really. For that one celeb that said she deleted those photos it is really always in a backup. The photos from Photostream can be retrieved if someone were to delete them. The site support engineering group (SSE) within Apple can do it basically within a click of a button. Although most of the time Apple says that they cannot retrieve them after 24HRS, trust me I have seen almost a week go by and they were still able to get them back.
  10. Because I can. lol. I go through a lot of trades and computer stuff so im pretty used to it. But I do need to get a rig and settle for it for a while though. Thanks for the parts suggestions! More than likely gaming on the 1080p monitor. I would only test to see how the 4k gaming would be or I could go with 2k on the 4k monitor, but mostly I would just use my 1080p monitor for the gaming side. I was thinking maybe the same one I had such as a GTX770? I think I might have to get one with a higher VRAM though.
  11. So I have decided to do a new rig for myself. I sold my other rig and am kinda missing it a little. Soooo I am going to start getting things ready for a new build. I am very good and I know what I am doing but for this rig I thought I might ask some peeps on what they thought would be some cool parts to add. I will probably have a budget of around $1200. I like to keep most of my rigs mostly Intel/Nvidia CPU/GPU combo. Now this is a much lower budget from my last rig, seeing that I had a i7 4770k and a ASUS ROG mobo and a GTX 770 it was like $1800 on cyber monday last year. So with all that said send me some suggestions on parts or a whole rig that would be good for this budget, or should I wait and save up and then buy on black friday/cyber monday since its not to far away? I really dont care waiting either. You dont have to add a monitor I already have a 1080p and a 4K 60Hz monitor that I will be using. Thanks!
  12. I fixed it! I just had to update the drivers for the GPU. Was still on 320 and I updated to 340!
  13. Ok so I wasnt to sure as far as to which forum to put this on so I will start here. Me and my friend are testing this card with my Dell UP2414Q 4K monitor. When we have it connected via mini display on the one 4k monitor it is as though it has 2 1080p screens on it. Is there a way to fix it so that it will only show one monitor and then change the DPI scaling for it so that it dosent look so tiny? lol. Im a bit new when it comes to 4k and making it work. Windows 7 Pro GTX 660
  14. So I come here wanting some cool info and the first thing I see staring at me is some mans butt........So what was this thread about again?
  15. I feel as thought planes crash not all the time but do crash but the media is paying more attention to them this time for some reason. Also the planes that have gone down some of them have been flying over "war" zones. I guess the best thing to do is not fly over zones that are going a bit cray cray right now?