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    Bajantechnician reacted to Nicholatian for a blog entry, So I had a dream last night...   
    Some friend of mine had a GTX 980 Ti with a black aftermarket cooler, and let me borrow it to benchmark Minecraft. Shit was strange because the thing wasn't even plugged in via PCIe, but I ran the game anyway and got an insanely stable (almost constant) 99 FPS that would flicker to 100 FPS every so often.
    I wanted to benchmark it to compare it to a Zotac 660 Ti I saw on eBay (not in the dream) that I was going to buy (in the dream), since according to Octavialicious 600-series cards perform great with Minecraft compared to 700- or 900-series cards by Nvidia.
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    Bajantechnician reacted to Xboxfreak for a blog entry, Building a gaming pc is never easy!   
    Hey guys! I am new here and want some help building my new "Skylake" based pc, the parts I picked are listed below;
    Asus Maximus Viii Hero
    Core i7-6700k
    Corsair vengeance LPX 16GB CL16 OR dominator platinum 16Gb CL 15
    Corsair RMi 750W PSU
    Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD
    WD 4TB Black HDD
    Corsair 760T Graphite Full Tower Case
    Now I have a couple of questions that I need help with ;
    *Should I go for i7 or 6600k be enough for me(Gaming and programming)
    *Which RAM should I go with as TBH I see no difference besides aesthetics
    *980 SLI or 980TI
    Help a poor confused gamer lol ;)