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Blog Comments posted by Bajantechnician

  1. My buddy compares Air coolers to something you would see on fast and furious to liquid coolers that is something you would see from terminator its hilarious. I laughed so hard at that comparison that was out of no where. I think I am going to go with Silverstone TD02-E 92.5 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler seems like a good cooler for the price without any branding on the block I thought I would give it a try for the price. I am almost ready to do my build all that is left is the cooler and cpu to buy now but having the same questions as you on the i7 and the i5. As for RAM I think getting a quality brand which now most are pretty good and one that matches your build you will be good to go. Good luck on your build I think whatever you do you will be happy with the best part is you built it yourself and have fun doing it.

    corsair platinum

  2. as for me, i personally like the platinum, just for aesthetics, other than that, as long as they have the same operating speed, they are basically the same, and you wont find much difference between each.

    go for the i7, as they are now more op for the price to performance than older gen cpus,


    also for the gpu,

    you are paying $600 for a single 980 card, unless you are planning to put the card into a water cooled loop, i see no reason to get it.

    You can easily get a 980 ti or two r9 390x cards with $600

    everything else looks good.