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  1. Okay today my power went out, i turned my pc back on and my left monitor is out again. I tried using DDU and reinstalling drivers like last time but no success this time, any ideas? it lets me toggle it on but doesn't let me save it without it reverting EDIT: Fixed.. I did a full power cycle and reconnected the DP only then HDMI, seems to be a workaround for now.
  2. Nobody else helped me and i found a solution myself, marked it as answered so others who are having this problem know what's up.
  3. I can just watch the clip back and record it again then import it to sony and it works just fine
  4. Shadowplay is always on/ i dont record with anything else, Sony vegas is stored on my HDD and the clips are recorded/stored onto my SSD. It's on desktop recording for this particular video game since game capture doesn't pick it up as a game haha. Haven't tried changing the bitrate it's been fine till recently but i cant figure out what causes it.
  5. Hey Guys, Would anyone know why 10% of my videos have this weird effect when imported into Sony vegas pro 15.0 ? They're all recorded with the same settings in the same way. Shadow play highlight 15 second clip. 1080p hd 60fps Low bitrate I'm sort of new with sony so i'm not sure what's going on exactly, Thanks The first screenshot clearly has a problem compared to the second which is as it's suppose to be.
  6. Annnd I forgot to enable multi-display in control panel after the fresh install, Problem Fixed. I did a manual driver uninstall with no success but the uninstaller program i found online did the trick, thanks for the help you directed me the right way. +rep
  7. Alright! some progress, I used a Nvidia uninstall program and restarted my PC. BOOM my DP monitor is working as intended though without any drivers. SO i install the newest Nvidia driver and my monitor goes black. It may be a problem with their newest update ill try an older one and report back. - Edit i installed an older update with the same problem. not sure what to do now but I've narrowed down the problem
  8. Manually installed new drivers from their website, Shows correct name now. monitor still black
  9. Tried all 3 DP ports, same result. I think it's a driver issue due to device manager saying '' Generic PNP monitor ''
  10. Hey guys, Today i was playing PUBG, i tabbed out to my desktop and my FPS was suddenly around 1.. my cursor was struggling to move. Gpu load was 100% Cpu load 50% . I restarted my PC and notice my left/main monitor just says No Signal. I try to access Nvidia control panel and it says ''Corrupted'' so i reinstalled. I can get the problematic monitor running solo only with HDMI, DP seems to no longer give a signal. i cannot dual monitor x2 HDMI since my 980 only has 1 HDMI slot . The problematic monitor (AOC G2460) is still detected by my system but just wont push out an image through DP. My DP monitor is displaying as Generic PNP monitor in device manager which i feel may be the cause. (Edit manually installed new drivers from their website, Shows correct name now ) I've tried the following: Clean reinstall of Nvidia drivers + experience New DP Cable Trying all 3 DP ports Tried with a GTX 960 (exactly the same result) gone into Nvidia control panel and display properties from desktop ( See Screenshots ) Any ideas? What on earth has happened. Thanks alot Gtx 980 4gb i5 8600k win 10 pro 16gb ram Z370M B3H gigabyte mobo monitor 1: 144hz AOC G2460 ( one im having trouble with ) monitor 2: 60hz hp w2448h Pic 1. Cannot click to turn it on, it briefly turns itself on when plugged in then immediately turns off. <-----------------------------------------------------------------