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  1. worry

    BSOD code

    event viewer too?
  2. Hi where read BSOD code if i will get? Event viewer or windgb and open memory.dmp?
  3. noctua nh-d15 and not throttling i see
  4. why? i have 4.7ghz using auto tdp
  5. Hi. Can 9900K boost to 4.7ghz using 95W?
  6. nop. 3dmark graphic test 2 was throttling my cpu speed. I made a HIGH PERFORMANCE from BALANCED plan in windows settins and fps are normal and no drops. Any ideas? So keep high performance?
  7. Hi. I want to keep at full boost 9900K. I read that Long Duration Package Power Limit must change from 95K to 155K. Is this safe? MB: Asus Prime Z390-A
  8. worry

    Battlefield 5 origin question

    But why from 20%? Game is not completed
  9. hi during downloading Battfield 5 origin said that i can play from 20% downloading yes/?
  10. When playing Doom do you recommend me using gsync or not? There are 200fps
  11. Hello. Have Acer Predator XB 271HUA ,GSYNC. Card is 2080 Ti Aorus. I was getting random low firestrike scores between 34300-to sometimes 35500points. I observed that sometimes gpu test 2 was dropping gpu load. So i turned off GSYNC and all fine and scores are normal. Can somebody explain me this why gsync was messing with this?
  12. Ok but i pay for board and board for 9900k so i expect normal scores yes?
  13. So its normal scores for 9900k?
  14. 3700mhz on full load fire strike
  15. yeah but my mobo is Asus Prime Z390-A , i read is enough to not throttle cpu. Also temps are very low. Because have Noctora,thats not problem ;).. But in other review sites scores: Cinebench 2100 ...i have 1650 cpuz score: 5550... i have 4225 And cpuz freq according to cpuz is 3800mhz I only activate XMP in UEFI nothing more.