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  1. worry

    Windows 10 october 1809 driver questions.

    i installed the newest with 1803 before 1809
  2. worry

    Windows 10 october 1809 driver questions.

    its downloading now
  3. Hello. I have 1803 version windwos. If i click update on microsoft site i will be must instal new drivers again or not?
  4. ok no replies anymore so its ok?
  5. if not cpu so what? GPU not i think. Its static and depending of view I am looking at trees or buildings and louder fan. then looking backward at sea and quiet a little. Gpu is 2080 ti The same in GTA V. Looking at city fan louder then back to other view quiet hehe
  6. Hi. Haven an question. When i am looking at different angle in Assasin Creed Oddysey i heard my cpu is louder. But when i turn around and looking to other place fan is more quiet. Is this normal? 8700K cpu Standing in one place and looking forward and its loud. Then move camera backward and is quiet more
  7. Hello. When i choose recovery Windows 10 to beggining state ( with drivers deleteing,apps etc all ) i need usb pendrive again or not?
  8. yeah but voltages are changing too due to different power plan heh
  9. Hello. I have 8700K on 4.7ghz oc clock due to MCE ASUS. Power plan is balanced and clocks on idle are oscilating between 800mhz , 1200mhz, 4600mhz,3300mhz ,2300mhz etc etc, you know . Voltages together with clocks jumping oscilating between 0.720v to 1.3v or 1.4v, etc etc. This is with plan balanced. But when i change to power saver mode this is the same. No difference. Is this normal?
  10. Hi. Question. If i put high performance power mode in win 10 on 8700k ,my clocks will be 4700mhz and voltage 1.4v on idle, so it will be the same like i run some heavy cpu game? I ask because somebody said this:"My 8700Ks idle nicely at 5.0 all cores on High Performance @ 25-28C because there’s no load and voltage is minimal. Load is what kicks the voltage up to max and then the heat cometh. " So? I was thinking that voltage will be the same , no matter idle or load if i put to high performance?! And heat doesnt matter.
  11. hey little update. I change power plan to high performance ( 4700mhz clock on idle and voltage 1.4 core voltage according to cpuz ) and the same whea logger 19 every minute on log. So then i change to power saver to lock on 800mhz - 1200mhz with low voltage and the same logs. Only on idle it happens.During games or cinebench no wheas ( even with 4700mhz and voltage ). So i am lost now. So if this is not voltage so what?
  12. yeah i know its functioning normal perfectly. But it appearing every minute that warning so its a thinking thing.