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  1. Can you link a guide on how to do the xmp flashing because I couldn't find one online?
  2. I bought one with the rest of the pc and the other one later
  3. You can see that one of the modules isnt programmed for xmp. RLY idk how it got erased
  4. Hello guys! I sold my gtx 1070 to upgrade to an rtx2070 super recently and after 3 weeks the new gpu showed up. I installed it about 2 hours ago and everything works fine(drivers installed etc.). I was curious and went into the BIOS of my motherboard (below) to see if settings were maintained after that period of time. I was looking around when I noticed that my RAM wasnt running xmp and that I couldnt find the setting to enable it which i previously could. I thought that my BIOS was updated somehow and rolled back to the initial BIOS version (F1). Nothing changed... I was manually changing clocks, voltages and latency to match the xmp of my ram, though when I opened cpuz to my surprise, one of the modules xmp clocks were listed and it showed that it is xmp compatible while the other module (exact same module) doesnt have XMP. I concluded that somehow the xmp profile of one of the ram sticks was erased but I want to experiment tomorrow further cause it's late at where I live. I shall try removing one ram module and running the other and the same way around to find which is faulty and maybe resolve the issue if it's a bug. Do you guys have any other ideas or dealt with something similar? system R5 2600 B450 Aorus Pro memory: 2* bls8g4d30besbk.8fd Crucial Ballistix sport Lt 8gb 3000mhz old gpu: evga gtx 1070 sc black edition new gpu: gigabyte rtx 2070 super gaming oc 3x thanks in advance
  5. I know but there's no other way around this. Is there any specific reason that u have in mind towards why not to do this? I think I will do it today and test it
  6. My CAT6 has no insulation or shielding take a look at the attached photo
  7. Hello! I ran into a really serious problem while wiring my already built house. So, I want the telephony DSL wire to go to my modem and 2 CAT6 (unshielded) wires to come through the same line to route and wire my PC with one and use the other for my powerline adapter. So the problem is that 3 wires won't fit (2 should though) in the tubes in the wall. My father told me that there is an electricity (240V AC) and larger tube that should help to wire one of the2 ethernet wires as the tubes (telephony + electricity) go to the same place. Shall we route the one through the electrical wires? I told my father that it wouldn't be a good idea due to interference (he has little knowledge on this subject). Though I wanted to confirm if I would run into problems doing that due to electrical interference. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello! I searched on the internet without any solutions. I just want a way to select which network is used by each application I use. My internet modem has a problem and as I am waiting for a new one I got 40GB mobile date from my ISP until the end of the month and I also got 5mbps/2mbps that I can use from my grandma nextdoor. I need a way to have my grandma's internet be used from my minecraft hosting (as it needs port forwarding) and my mobile data tethered from a usb c to be used by GTAV as it's unplayable by both being open.
  9. Also there is a box where the external wire connects with the internal. Should be straightforward and easy as I am not totally inexperienced
  10. But I have to replace the line within the house because it's too short. Wires were rusted and cut off as soon as I touched them. Also the CAT 6 I bought it doesn't seem to have shielding.
  11. Hello! My ISP uses VDSL2 to deliver 50mbps/10mbps to my house though on my modem only 8mbps upload is attainable (download is 80mbps tho it is capped to 50 due to my plan). I bought telephony cable (4 wires) to change the fairly old wiring of my house and possibly reduce noise to the ISP servers with is around 20dB. Please also note that I bought the same length (25metres) of CAT6 (could find 7) ethernet to replace the powerline and connect my computer to the modem. I think that most interference is created from the wire going from my house to the distribution module on the pole on the road. Should I use the ethernet and buy another cable for my computer or stick with the telephony cable? Also as DSL runs on 2 wires, if I use a pair of wires to connect to the wire coming to my house will it prevent such noise and interference and at least eliminate the interference created within the house? (wiring to the first outlet in the house is more that 10m. I would say it's about 15.)
  12. what is a suitable budget for my needs?
  13. I guess they can't hear it due to noise suppression that most applications use. If I would like something better than what I already have, what would you suggest and what would be a suitable budget for a better amp. If you spare a bit of time read also this other question I have... So recently I got in a call with a friend and he noticed metallic like noise coming from my mic. I noticed that after turning hear device on, though after frequent checks it's not always as loud or even present. Probably bending it caused it or maybe the wires arent making good connections, though it should be noted that bending the wire during testing it didnt do any difference. Do you suggest to me to spare my money for a new and better mic or an amp? thank u for answering
  14. i can hear noise when i turn hear device on(microphone) even when it's muted from the headset