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  1. High end air coolers have similar performance to high end AIOs and better durability. I had my Kraken x62 fail out of warranty and bought a Cryorig R1 to replace it and to be honest, the Cryorig actually cools a little bit better. I wouldn't worry about your AIO leaking, it rarely happens and since you've already purchase the AIO, I'd just stick with it.
  2. You're definitely not crazy, there's a pretty significant difference in temps without those fans. I guess I'll just keep it as is, hot air rises anyways.
  3. Up until yesterday fan setup looked like this. I decided to take out both top fans and noticed that my temperatures were a fair amount better without them. Looking back at my old configuration, I'm thinking that the top fan closest to the front of the case was exhausting the cold air being sucked in from the front fans, does anyone else agree? One of the reasons I removed the fans in the first place was that they were a really tight fit and the one directly above the CPU cooler was flexing the CPU power socket a little bit. Ideally, would it make sense to buy 1 low profile fan and put it directly above the cooler and leave the front slot empty or should I just leave it as is? I'm just trying to figure out what would be optimal for my setup in this case (Corsair 460x).
  4. I have a Cryorig R1, It looks sleek and keeps my 8700k nice and cool.
  5. So I have a Gigabyte Aorus z370 gaming 5 motherboard with 8 fans attached. I've downloaded Gigabyte's System Information Viewer utility to control fan speeds and profiles on the fly. I've noticed that for some reason the fan plugged into the HPWR_FAN connector cannot be set to less than 60% speed in System Information Viewer. I'm able to set it lower in the BIOS but I'd like to be able to do this on the fly using the utility in Windows. I can't seem to figure out why this happens and was curious if anyone has any ideas? I just came from liquid cooling and a Thermaltake Core P3 case so I didn't really have to deal with any fans on that build. Edit: Nevermind, I forgot to set control from voltage to PWM in BIOS.... oops.
  6. I was planning on getting my 8700k de lidded / resealed with thermal grizzly conductonaut but was curious if I would have to re apply the liquid metal over time or is it something that you can do once and then forget about it?
  7. Did you have multi core rendering disabled in CSGO settings?
  8. After more testing, I can confirm that the Nvidia 430.86 drivers were causing it. Guess I'll stick to the old ones.
  9. Over the last week, I've been having a random WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE blue screens at different times. It's happened while editing pictures in photoshop, browsing the internet, and even moving the mouse when coming back to my PC. When I get these crashes, no crash dumps are ever able to be made so it's been hard to diagnose. Event viewer shows Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power w/ eventid 41. Reliability monitor shows hardware error "LiveKernelEvent" with code 141. Now I had this PC overclocked and it was used heavily without any errors for the last 4 months. Recently, I dropped it back to stock clocks using the same (adaptive) voltage so I don't think that's the issue. Temps are good. I tested RAM every night over the last few days and I did notice that 1 stick would get an error every now and then so I RMAd it thinking that was the issue. Well it's happened again twice tonight and I'm not sure what else to check. One interesting thing I realized was that I've been getting these crashes ever since installing the latest NVidia drivers, but I'm not sure if that would cause a WHEA error. I've uninstalled those drivers with DDU and installed the previous ones just now but is there anything else I could check in the meantime? The only two big differences I can recall since these started occurring were updating my nvidia drivers and updating to windows 10 1903 from a previous version.
  10. I agree, I made sure to check manual when I switched them last time. Between now and the first time I got 1 error a few months ago, I've spent A LOT of time on this machine playing games, editing photos and video ETC with no problems or crashes. If there is a RAM issues, what are the odds that the particular address wasn't used the entire time? I'm thinking pretty low but the consensus is that 1 error is too many.
  11. Channel A is 2/4 and Channel B is 1/3 according to manual. I ran Memtest86 for 4 passes with both sticks and I got no errors. It's going to really bug me knowing that It's happened before even if it's not a regular occurance.
  12. Yep, I moved them from 1/3 to 2/4.
  13. I'm going to run it overnight and see what happens. Isn't 1 error 1 too many though?