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  1. I'm not sure on the floorplan just yet, but intend on designing the house around the idea of having the pcs being hidden. (My wife hates that we have computers around the house) While having the gaming towers locally isn't an issue necessarily at the very least I would have to have my plex server, and media center combined into one and hidden away is her main concern.
  2. I'm getting ready to build a new house in the near future and would like to have a centralized location for all my computing in the house. What I mean by that is have one server closet that houses preferably rack mounted machines that input output is piped throughout the house for monitors and peripherals. Only 2 terminals need to be gaming ready while the 3rd would connect to the TV for all my content consumption. My question is what would be the best solution in regards to cost, and performance for the gaming terminals? I did watch the LTT video covering fiber optic usb 3.1 and that seems like a solution, but I was wondering if anyone in the community had found better cost to performance solutions. I don't necessarily need to build it all in one machine, I'll likely have 2 or 3 rack mounted cases that handle the actual computing, just need to know what backbone solutions exist for piping video and usb data around the house. edit: The Tv I would prefer to be able to do 4k 30, with the gaming setups doing 1440p at 144hz or close to it.