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  1. Winyabs

    High and Low Density RAM

    This is the catch i bought 4 sticks of 4gb RAMs and tried installing it on my system.BOOM. It won't boot, stuck at BIOS, frozen as rock. Upon research i found out that the RAM that i've bought is High Density ones which has a 10% compatibility on marketed boards, and sadly my board only accepts low density RAMs. Now i'm planning on buying another set of 4 sticks of RAMs, i don't want to repeat that stupid mistake of buying high density sticks so i'm asking how to tell whether a RAM stick is low density or high density
  2. Hi, Can somebody enlighten regarding this thing about high and low density RAMs. I've read some articles about it but still can't get the difference between the except for the fact that high density RAMs have common issues with compatibility. What i want to know is how to tell whether a RAM stick is a low density one or a high density one.
  3. Winyabs

    Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    oh man! Any updates on this? I was scrolling hoping to see the finished product and was left hanging lol.
  4. Thanks really appreciate the help.
  5. Can somebody tell me what the first line exactly means specifically regarding the "Non-ECC" Does this mean that i can't use ECC memories or does it mean that i can also use ECC memories. Sorry noob question. Thanks
  6. Winyabs

    Best online Cloud storage host

    Thanks! Will have a look at this one. looks interesting.
  7. Winyabs

    Best online Cloud storage host

    would use it for a small business for file sharing between users
  8. Winyabs

    Best online Cloud storage host

    Thanks. But i've already looked into mega and still considering some other hosts.
  9. Hi, Just want to ask if somebody in here can suggest a cloud storage platform that would let me customize it like my own website and create users that can access the files. Thanks
  10. Winyabs

    RAID in SSHDs and HDDs

    I was also thinking of Exos drives. Can you tell me exactly what the difference bet ween a Firecuda an Ironwolf and Exos.
  11. Winyabs

    RAID in SSHDs and HDDs

    Thats the thing i've been thinking of, weather the SSD part of SSHD would be useful in a RAID. Thanks for the enlightenment. And also yeah Ironwolf is on my mind since it is cheaper than sshd compared to size
  12. Winyabs

    RAID in SSHDs and HDDs

    I am wondering if there is a performance and reliability difference between SSHD and HDD RAID array setups.
  13. Damn thanks guys. I am now convinced to go for server grade. Huge thanks and really appreciated it all.
  14. basically it would kill our production since we cant run without it.
  15. it would cripple 1/3 of our office operation, about 120 persons i guess.