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  1. Yup never buying Razer. I know I should have RMAed it then. Huge regret.
  2. Hi LLT Community! So I'm a long time fan of Linus' videos and I take his reviews really seriously. This is my first post and unfortunately it's because of a bad experience. Maybe I'm just trying to vent. Hopefully I can warn others about a bad brand and bad product. Based on his review of Razer products and specifically the first Razer Blade Stealth, I purchased a stealth for myself back in mid 2016. The first Blade Stealth I got had a broken camera. I RMAed it and they had no issues and sent me a brand new laptop after 2 more weeks of waiting. The second laptop was fine until the fan started going crazy and it would occasionally blue screen when its been on for a while. I contacted Razer again and they walked me through basically a reset process. That still didn't fix the issue. They asked me to RMA it. Now here's where I messed up. I did not RMA it because I needed the laptop for the next few weeks. I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for my laptop to get fixed or replaced. So I held off and dealt with the blue screens and loud fan. (Big mistake) This past December the fan stopped working. I was fed up so I contacted them again. They told me they would take it in but they'd have to charge me since its now out of warranty. So I bit the bullet and sent it in. Today they came back with my repair quote of $850. The laptop itself cost was $1000. They said there were issues with the motherboard and battery. (See attached) I'm not sure what they expect. Do people actually pay that? Why would I ever do that? To get the laptop back (after paying 30 bucks to ship it there) they want to charge me a 130 dollar diagnostic fee. I am at a loss for words. My last laptop lasted me 9 years with no issues. I thought I was upgrading. Any helpful advice from the community? TL;DR Razer sent me two bad laptops Second laptop was out of warranty Razer is charging me 850 dollars to repair a 1000 dollar laptop. Razer sucks. I need to vent. -Espy