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  1. Annoying popping/crackling sound on PC. HELP PLEASE

    I tried a USB adapter for 3.5mm cables, i'm assuming it runs a small sound card inside so that's that I guess. How could it be hardware related when clearly in the example video shows the sound for the headphones work, but when combined with a program/application the issues appears.
  2. Annoying popping/crackling sound on PC. HELP PLEASE

    Aye they are. Btw can you guys actually watch the YT link or is it off limits?
  3. Annoying popping/crackling sound on PC. HELP PLEASE

    Tried it
  4. Annoying popping/crackling sound on PC. HELP PLEASE

    Tried it and nothing changed, still the same issue. Ty tho. Never had a hamster, but I am however missing a small infant, might be related?
  5. Annoying popping/crackling sound on PC. HELP PLEASE

    Are you really sure that'll make any difference? The sound going to the headphones is fine while the software sound is not. I can try but I don't have a USB headset, I do however have a usb adapter for in and output to stick the 3.5mm jacks in
  6. I have this really annoying popping/crackling sound coming from my audio, it appears that it comes forth when using any form of program/app-related audio. It is extremely annoying and very present when listening to constant sounds such as Spotify or while gaming, however it doesn't appear as frequently or rather next to nothing when doing browser related stuff like streaming or watching Youtube. The popping is especially sharp when audio is cut off/interrupted, for ex. when i pause a youtube video, then the issue is apparent when streaming etc. Here is a video showing an example, as seen in it the popping only appears when listening to the program section, but not when listening directly to the headphones. Video link: I'm not sure if it came before or after i got a new PC a few months back I can't quite remember. At first i thought it was my old headset (Steelseries siberia 800) but it is present in my new headphones as well. What I have tried: Updating drivers, switching headphones, switching headphone jack, changing format quality (currently running my lowest 44100hz 16 bit), removing any "improvements" under audio configurations and a bunch of other small random things like changing energy/power options in windows for example. My guess is that windows 10 is having some sort of issue, but I just can't figure out what it is. Please type in any theory or suggestion, thank you! Specs: GTX 1080ti Strix ROG (oc using ASUS gpu tweaker) i7 7700k kaby lake (oc to 4.7ghz) 16gb Corsair vengeance 3200mhz (clocked at 3200mhz) ASUS Strix Z270E Gaming Motherboard