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  1. I just know that the WEI(windows experience index, the old integrated benchmark in windows) score is still exist in windows 10 (without GUI, but there are ton of small gadgets to show them in the classic style). Then I'm curious about how much my rig can reach. (R9 3900x, 16G DDR4 3000, samsung 970 pro 512GB, Radeon 5700XT with reference cooler.), and here is the result. While the log file says "We no longer run the D3D test. Returned scores and metrics are hardcoded sentinel values", the 9.9 score on graphic score must be a placeholder. The bottleneck of the system is... the SSD? An AMD 3900x can't reach max score... So the 10980x or 3990x, or the Xeon platinum 8180 can end up with 9.9? I think it could be an idea for an episode of LTT video while you guys have the best hardware on the market to test.