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  • Birthday 2002-02-15

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    toowoomba/brisbane Australia
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    ice hockey, guitar, pc's
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    im 17, i've played ice hockey for 5 years, played guitar for 7 years, gonna be an IT guy. even though i'm pretty shit and constantly need help LOL
  • Occupation
    High school student


  • CPU
    i5 8400
  • Motherboard
    asus prime z370-a
  • RAM
    crucial ballistix lt sport 16 gb (2x8gb) white
  • GPU
    galax gtx 1070 8gb sniper white
  • Case
    nzxt s340 elite white
  • Storage
    western digital green m.2, seagate 1tb hard drive
  • PSU
    Cooler Master MWE 550watt modular. phanteks sleeved white cables
  • Display(s)
    kogan 144hz freesync, two BENQ gw2480
  • Cooling
    cooler master hyper 212x, noctua redux 140mm case fan
  • Keyboard
    ajazz ak33 rgb
  • Mouse
    hiraliy f300
  • Sound
    Logitech g933 Artemis spectrum white
  • Operating System
    windows 10 64 bit (cracked so shhh)
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  1. ive just turned it off so hopefully it makes a difference
  2. I have in 15 8400 and a galax gtx 1070 sniper white.
  3. G'day. for the past couple of weeks I've been having issues with my monitor. when in game, my 144hz refresh rate monitor keep flicking around to different refresh rates, such as 57.6hz, 80hz, 132hz, etc. its really annoying because every time it does, the screen goes black for a second or two. and obviously the refresh rate of my monitor changes constantly. I'm not sure if its something wrong with my GPU, Monitor or both. i would suspect its my GPU because its been acting weird for a while. by weird i mean, lower FPS than my friends who have worse PCs than me, games sometimes crashing, and now recently. the software for it doesn't launch on startup (and I've tried to fix that and it still doesn't)
  4. its every lens. but each lens has different strengths i guess is what to call it on the view finder. but to answer your question, every lens does it
  5. G'day to whoever is reading this. im having a problem with a canon eos 60d. looking through the viewfinder with any lens on makes a huge vignette around the viewfinder. it correlates with the aperture of the lens, the higher the f stop is, the more extreme the vignetting is. the vignetting doesn't occur when im using live view on the camera, not does it come up when i actually take the photo. i much prefer using the viewfinder over the live view so its incredibly frustrating i have two other eos cameras (40d and 450d) and neither one of those have this problem. any help to how to fix it or whats going on would be greatly appreciated. (the image with the larger viewing area is with an f. of 2.8 and the second is it at f.22
  6. G'day to anyone that can help me here. i recently got the steingburg ur22 audio interface off my dad so i could plug in my guitars into my pc and use a amp simulator (ive been using amplitude 4 btw) in the software i can see that my pc is getting the signal from the audio interface when i play the guitar, but. i can get it to play through my speakers, the audio interface only shows the line outputs (UR22 Output 1/L and Ur22 Output 1/R) i used to use this old usb thingy with asio4all and it worked but with the slightest delay. i got the audio interface to eliminate that delay, but now i cant even hear my guitar. i would show that the left and right channel only show those outputs but the snipping tool wont let me open the selection things and take a screenshot
  7. also if anyone knows what that paint job is called id love to know because its not "Crackle"
  8. DUDE thank you. it isn't a massive lead but it answers quite a few of my questions.
  9. i want to find out what it is, where they're from and honestly where i can buy another one like it. i would love to own more just like it and have a collection of them because they're really sentimental to me.
  10. i've seen that one, someone else sent me that before. its not the same shape, mine is more of an Ibanez headstock and that one is like a Jackson headstock. you can see the difference with the way the strings go the the tuners. mine go in straight lines parallel to each other but that one is kind of like a fan
  11. Follow up. Thanks to that listing I found another magnum that is granted not the same as mine, but has the same headstock as mine (which is a big deal because so far i hasn’t seen my headstock anywhere) I’ve emailed this person about their guitar and I’m waiting for a response back from them to see if they have any info about theirs
  12. That neck is EXCACTLY the same except for the headstock, no valute and the same colour and the headstock attaches in the same spot. Same pickup config but weird control pattern, no Floyd and obviously different colour. Thanks so much for finding this. It’s close but no cigar. It helps though
  13. See that's the thing is that guitar isn't really anything like what i have. the one in the photo is a strat copy and mine isn't. and also holy shit yes is it good for how much it's worth. it plays amazingly and sounds fantastic. it doesn't go out of tune when i hit big dive bombs and it just has this vibe, i cant describe it but like i just feel something special with it. anyway i digress. i've seen that listing a while back and i thought i saw something but the closer i looked the more i realised that they're not the same. for one it's a single single single (no humbucker) different headstock shape, different logo, etc, they're completely different, the only similarity is the brand name and even then the name on the headstock is a different font. i'm very lost with this guitar and i want to find more just like it because well it was my dads first guitar and it was my first guitar. id like to find more and mod the shit out of them.
  14. Also I should mention I’m Aussie so this guitar is either made in australia or imported into australia from my research they’re only found in australia
  15. Hello off topic part of Linus forums. I need your scientific help. I have this guitar that I got from my dad a few years ago, now he bought this guitar probably back in 80s-90s and I have absolutely no idea about it origin. I know that magnum guitars are a rip off brand of guitar that made things like strats but I cannot find ANYTHING that looks ANYTHING like this one. It’s got an original Floyd rose, humbucker single signle pickup setup, coil split (or tap not sure which one) and volume and tone. It’s got this wicked orange and black paint job that I have no idea how to explain and these awesome “v” like inlays but I just don’t know where this thing came from or if there are any other out there in the world (if there are I would like to buy it plz thank) the neck looks to be either maple or ash and it has this sticker at the bottom of the neck near the bolt plate. I can’t read it because it’s so old and faded but here are the pictures please if anyone one has any information at all about this PLEASE TELL ME thank you off topic community