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  1. Update: I have attached one GPU on pic*16 is started with one but as soon as i plugged other with the riser loads ahead from boot animation to a black screen.
  2. i recentely bought an Asus B250 Mining Expert,as i connect the second riser the windows does not load further then the boot animation of the windows am using 2 Zotac1660 ti,Help plz.
  3. what Should i pay for used gtx1070 2years used card? I found an Asus card gtx1070 2 years used should I but a used 1070 or a new 1660ti. He is charging 220 USD FOR GTX1070.
  4. i recently bought an antec hcg-1000 psu,after restarting the pc it doesn't start back nor the psu fan is rotating its barely 1 hour of use of new psu.
  5. there is around a difference of 20$ between both the cards what i should go for Amp edition or without an amp? what is the difference?
  6. 2 Rx580 i need to mine while am not busy playing games on it
  7. Supphire nitro vs pluse ? which one to buy almost the same price.
  8. sapphire or Asus which card i should i go for they cost the same.
  9. by what u said I understand but the way am looking to crypto space is not 174$ for eth or 5k to Btc it will go up by the time:Looking to get some Gpu knowledge by the hash rate per dollar just as we calculate fps /dollar?