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  1. the_psychic112

    Is it compatible?

    Yes but I must find a place to buy it first! On amazon, shipping is killing me! I reside in Mauritius, if you got any website where I can buy, would be kind of yours but thanks for your feedback!
  2. the_psychic112

    Is it compatible?

    Thanks, but on Amazon, all GPUs I find, I must pay a shipping fee of $81+ , so its becomes out of budget! I think I will go with the Gainward? What you say?
  3. the_psychic112

    Is it compatible?

    Hello everyone. I need some clarification and help before going to buy a GPU. So I have a motherboard "MSI H81-E34" , with Intel i3 - 4330 @3.5 GHz, with RAM Kingston 8Gigs DDR3. Which GPUs is compatible withe the motherboard and overall system, "MSI RADEON RX550 AERO ITX 2G OC" or "Gainward GeForce GTX 1050" ? Or maybe if you have a suggestion about another gpu, will be great (+ and Ebay link to the product would be very kind)! Note : Budget Max : under $175 Edit : PSU 550Watt Thanks.