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  1. I recently just got a new case for the wife and graphics card(1070), the case is on the cheaper end (raidmax neon). during installation and my first attempt to turn it on worked, unplugged in walked over to the desk plugged everything in and no power. took it back to work desk and figured out the PSU is toast for what ever the reason is. will not power up the motherboard I had an extra 850 watt and hooked it all up, it powers on flipping the switch on the back ( like automatically without pressing the power button) when I shut it down from the start menu I cannot turn on the PC with the button, and it will not start flipping the switch on the back, I have to unplug the button and short it out to start it back up. any clues as to what it might be?
  2. I bought the pc used and it had a H55 in it. i didnt think it was the cooler that was causing my heat problems untill i installed a stock cooler and it held better under max. this one has done much better!
  3. Any one have the enermax liqtech 240s? if so any complaints? I had to upgrade so I went with this cooler and my bios temp was 23c and on load it hit 52c for a non overclocked i4790k.
  4. I would try a PSU first. You can pick up a used one anyways just to try for like 20 locally
  5. i just stuck in the stock cooler and it runs the same temp as my h55 did and did better under load, ill go to my local computer store tmw and see what they have for cooling kits, let me know what you guys think i should also do. thanks
  6. no its bone stock, voltage is set at 1.2 minimum
  7. Hi guys, not sure if im posting this in the right area, my h55 i have installed in my system with a 17 4790k and a 950 is running about 50c idle and over 90 with aida 64 no crashes I have no idea where to go ive reinstalled the heatsink multiple times and before I took off the radiator to clean it was getting roughly 35c idle. im pulling my hair out lol thanks ahead of time