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  1. I need a server with 3 TB and 32 GB ram or more for a small price... Linus should do a video on cheap storage servers. I've been looking into the DELL servers. And wow... DELL sells servers..
  2. now it is working. Forgot to plug the graphics card into the power supply.....
  3. GPU, yes 2 that are part of my case.
  4. now nothing is appearing on the screen, and I have a cooler on.
  5. But it was working before
  6. I have tried plugging my fans into every fan slot and it won't work!
  7. My CPU Fan is now not turning on, but other fans are cooling it down
  8. Ok nvm I getting windows installed....... With a CPU Cooler on. and gtx 1060!!!!
  9. whoops I don't know how to turn a system on without a power switch, how do you do it?
  10. The fans in my system are not turning on, and they are plugged in all the way. Halp PLs!
  11. I know just trying to get it working, then I shut it down and it works. I don't want $1,500 USD to go to waste on broken parts. I pretty cautious about technology. now I am done. Thanks!
  12. the cpu fan is not on the cpu, I need to get a different cpu cooler because the other one I had broke, so i'm going to go and get one, and ill also grab a better power supply so my other one doesn't mess up and fail. Thanks!
  13. it is not fried but it is turning off and on again