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  1. noah179

    VR headset

    i live int eh middle of nowhere so there are no local stores to buy a vive, and the only place i can find a vive is on ebay for the same price as teh vive plus. Why are they out of stock? And what are teh differences between the vive and rift. Also i currently have $470 so is it worth it to save up to get teh vive plus or overprices regular, or bite the bullet and get a rift
  2. noah179

    VR headset

    Hellow everyone i am trying to get into vr, and i was wondering should i get teh oculus rift, or the htc vive or vive pro because the regular vive seems to be out of stock everywhere. I am looking for a very good vr experience with games such as beat saber, minecraft, and war thunder being some of the main games i will be playing.
  3. the card was throttling, but still kept the high temp, and i rana benchmark with teh power reduced by 50% and it ran at
  4. fans are runing at 100%
  5. okay so i have acquired an XFX R9 390, and it seems to run alot hotter than what i can find online. in a room with an ambient temperature of about 27 C the card is running at 101 C. Now i know it isnt an airflow issue, and i know amd cards run hot, but this is too much. i have already replaced the thermal pads, and thermal paste while cleaning out the dust from it too, and they stopped it from instantly overheating when i got it but it still run very hot. Should i reflash its bios? and if not what should i do to get better temps ?
  6. Thank you very much, and as for the powersupply would this work ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Volt-5-Amp-12V-5A-DC-AC-Adapter-Charger-Power-Supply-Cord-LCD-Monitor/263398162183?hash=item3d53c0ff07:g:6Q8AAOSw-wJZ6Zcj
  7. Should be. i was just wondering if these were the correct one though
  8. i can easily create something to keep it safe once i have it up an running. Sadly there is nothing on craigslist in my area, muchless in my price range.
  9. Well the laptop was toast, so i disassembled it, and reused what i can, and i really liked how the screen was so im trying to revive it. And the control boards i ahve found on ebay are from what i can tell are trusted retailers. Sadly i dont have the money or location to purchase a new monitor.
  10. Hello i am trying to use the old display from an alienware laptop as another monitor, but i would like some confirmation on some parts that i have found to do the job with so i dont waste my money. Thank you. Control board: https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-DVI-VGA-AUDIO-LCD-Controller-Board-kit-For-LG-15-6-LP156WF1-TLB1-1920-1080/251384255945?hash=item3a87ab55c9:g:Az0AAMXQUmFSjLDJ Power supply: https://www.ebay.com/itm/12-Volt-4-Amp-12V-4A-48W-AC-Adapter-Charger-Power-Supply-Cord-FOR-LCD-Monitors/253043119879?epid=1039400033&hash=item3aea8b9707:g:JB4AAOSwWZpZ-SIP
  11. didnt mean to hit best awenser, but nothing shitty like that
  12. Looking for a laptop for a family, so I am trying to give them their best bang for their buck. Just needs to be able to stream HD video and light gaming like minecraft and the sims.
  13. And do you know where i can find a compatible hardware list ofr this motherboard ?
  14. I dont care about the ECC function, i just need RAM
  15. Hello i am trying to scrape together a cheap systemon the 1155 soket, and i was wondering if i could use ECC memory on a Dell M5DCD OptiPlex 390 motherboard