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  1. SSD Not being detected

    I tried a new sata cable, different port. Both didn't work. It wouldn't show up at all so I just went out and bought a new samsung ssd and it works perfectly now. Everything is running perfectly after I changed ssds.
  2. SSD Not being detected

    Also, the SSD sata cable is connected to the #1 slot on the motherboard. And also I have a Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 motherboard, if that's any help.
  3. SSD Not being detected

    Seems like I just keep getting problems one after another. So, yesterday I was on my new pc just chilling while league of legends was downloading. Then all of a sudden the screen went dark and said that there was os detected, which I did use a activation key for so it should work, and then now my SSD is not being detected in my bios. I only see my HDD but there's nothing on there except for some downloads before the pc went bamboozle. Yes the sata cables are plugged in all the way in, I had it as my boot #1. When I started up my pc just like 40 minutes ago it was fine. So I thought okay it's okay now? So I continued my download of league of legends and then boom!! "OS Not Detected". I restarted my pc went into bios and SSD is missing. Seems like something is wrong with my SSD. Not sure though, what do you guys think? And yes I updated the motherboard bios and updated my gpu drivers. Please send help.
  4. To delete or to no?

    so much to do in 1 day. Even my discord is bugging out...
  5. To delete or to no?

    Well in my bios my ssd is boot #1....sorry im a noob obviously.
  6. To delete or to no?

  7. To delete or to no?

    Now none of my apps are opening.....
  8. To delete or to no?

    When i click links, nothing happens.
  9. To delete or to no?

    After i did that, i'm not able to web search anymore....
  10. To delete or to no?

    So you're saying to wipe the hard drive? If so, how do you do that?
  11. To delete or to no?

    I just did a clean install of windows 10 onto my new ssd and I had winsows on my hdd already and it's still there. Do I delete the files of it on my hdd or do I just leave it? It won't do anything right?
  12. How do I get my windows onto my new SSD?

    I don't have one for my pc right now but it runs just fine lol. I have the extra that my friend gave me for when I use the SSD so then I can just put in that key.
  13. How do I get my windows onto my new SSD?

    Yeah I have.
  14. How do I get my windows onto my new SSD?

    Yeah it's the one I'm currently using right now. When I go into the settings and look at the "windows activation key" for this pc it's not there. It says I need to put in a key for it but I haven't done so. Let's just say I messed up on something that made that happen.
  15. How do I get my windows onto my new SSD?

    but the problem is that I don't have the windows key that I have on my pc right now. I bought my pc from a friend and yeah, that key is long gone somewhere