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  1. R7 1700x is a bit costlier over here and out of my budget
  2. Thinking of building a pc mainly for adobe photoshop and lightroom. I would also do some light video editing on premier pro. Which cpu to choose i5 8400 or r5 2600?? Or something else?
  3. Slowmo and wireless charging are hard to find in this price range. But there are some awesome phones like Xiaomi Poco F1[ultimate value for money]- ₹20000:Flagship SD 845 processor, good cameras with slowmo. But it comes with miui.[I don't recommend you to install a custom rom if you are not into that sort of things] If you want stock android then you can check out Asus zenfone max pro m2[again ultimate value for money] :13k- SD660 which is powerful , good cameras but no slowmo I guess.It does not comes with android one but it is stock android and Asus seems to be providing software updates as I am using a max pro m1 right now. [install a pixel camera port(gcam) and you can use Google's software, that's super awesome and available for both of these phones] Both the phones have massive batteries! You can check out some youtube videos abt them. These were my thoughts.
  4. I had recently disassembled my old pc to clean it and use it again. Everything is done, also I have cleaned the old compound on my processor; but when I searched on amazon for a new paste, I was not understanding which one to buy.Please Help.
  5. Thanks For your reply guys,I bought the samsung TV✌
  6. In case you switched to android- If you want to change to android you can,But I at start you will find it difficult to setup everything perfectly as in android you can setup almost every setting,and change of '''''''apple ecosystem'''''',no gestures[in pixel phones],may be rarely some crashes/issues,speed of animation over smoothness- default (But even you can change that),ios has better integration with mac OS/windows with itunes coz there are no first party apps for android;So, if you use your android phone with laptop/windows/macbook then you will have to use third party apps for your tasks[windows gives you full access to read,write,configure etc your data with some notification options, not more than that-[I don't no about macOS compatibility with android]. But with android you will get, A better,user friendly user interface. Google assistant!!! Full access to apps on play store. Google services>apple services. Access to 3rd party apps from any source(such as from internet download,from pc etc in supported form). Access to download anything from internet. Ultimate customization- totally customise in your way. And more... But if you go for pixel2/2xl, few things will remain unchanged such as,no sd card support,no headphone jack,only single sim,[along with display issue of the phone(pixel2/2Xl specific)<IphoneX's industry best samsung made display].Dual speakers (incase you compare iphoneX and pixel2/2xl,because both of them have it). My Conclusion -If you upgrade to iphone X, u will get almost same experience in a different body. But switching to android will change the way you use your phone. If ever you decide to go with android then, I would prefer you to also check out one plus 5t/Galaxy note8/Lg v30+/upcoming s9,coz pixel 2 is not only the android phone ,there are many phones to choose ranging from cheap budget to flagship with varying features. Finally its always your choice-android/ios ??✌✌
  7. Yes,Samsung makes best displays+More features than sony?,which,I felt,is better than best audio options+?!!..* Thanks For your reply,I bought the samsung TV✌
  8. Samsung makes best displays+More features than sony?,which,I felt,is better than best audio options+?!!..* Thanks For your reply,I bought the samsung TV✌
  9. price is almost equal, and just casual use
  10. Samsung Series 6 108cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (43MU6100) vs. Sony BRAVIA X7002E Series 108cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (KD-43X7002E) I am confused,which one is better?
  11. I don't have a s8 but I have a 2013 galaxy with Android kitkat, snapdragon 400 and 1.2 gb ram,I formatted it and switched to nova, really I got a huge performance boost. ....But i dont think it is going to make a huge difference on s8,....just it feels better with custom animations,transitions and if your bored with samsung ui then actually you can give it a try..But don't use very heavy launchers Performance:Android oreo actually gets some performance boost,make sure you get on oreo as soon as samsung releases an update Light theme nova setup
  12. yeah,actually op5t is my choice coz its the flagship offering from oneplus,and on the other hand,A8+ is good too,but it can't compete against a flagship