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  1. I made my choice on that point and I decided to buy 1000 gen cards instead of 900 gen ones but thx anyway.
  2. I'm aware that this zotac isn't the best 1070 on the market, but I was quite sure it was ok enough after I read so many reviews saying that there are no thermal issues and that the card is good at keeping everything relatively cool... Some sacrifices need to be made for that price, but a good cooling for the VRM is very important to me too ! (knowing the fact that it's pretty hard to monitor their temps) My other choices are the EVGA SC2 (knowing that I'll maybe need to open it and add thermal pads), or the Asus ROG Strix (for the sleek design, temps and noise levels, but costs a bit more).
  3. Hi everyone, I'm curently building a gaming rig and I choose to use a 1070 GPU. So I looked at a lot of reviews, benchmarks and customer's opinions, and finally decided to invest in a Zotac 1070 amp edition (not the extreme one). It took me some time to collect enough money and I was finally ready to buy one few day ago, but sadly realized that it's unavailable or over priced everywhere... Please note that I live in France, so I wont use US stores/websites (amazon, ebay, etc...) because it increases the overall price of this mid range GPU due to extra custom fees and taxes, and it also adds risks due to oversea shipment... I wonder if this GPU is out of stock because of the cryptocurency mining boom. (-___-') Also, feel free to give me some advices about another good 1070 GPU in the same price range. Thanks for reading this and for your help in my quest in computalandia. Cheers !
  4. If you saw few builds with the same mobo, CPU cooler, and your specific ram on partpicker, then you're good to go.
  5. For AIO, you can also go for the Alphacool Eisbaer 280 or the BeQuiet! loop 280. Some people have issues between kraken's pump plugs and RAM size, in most of cases because they were using all 4 slots.
  6. s340 won't suffer if you put an AIO like you want and put premium fans with a good airflow.
  7. Hi there ! Compared to the NZXT H700i ( 494 x 230 x 494 mm ), you can try the NZXT s340 Elite ( 474 x 203 x 432 mm )... But you should go for the Fractal Design R6 ( 543 x 233 x 465 mm ), or the Meshify C ( 395 x 212 x 440mm ) from the same company. Cheers ! Or just wait for a potential H700 (non-i version)
  8. Thank you RollinLower & unkn0wn1, but the I finally chose to go for a BeQuiet! SilentLoop 280 ! 1600 tr/min à 12 V ; 160 m3/h ; 1,82 mm H2O ; 3,6 W ; 37,3 dBA One of the quietest amongst AIOs and watercooling in general. Asetek CLC have a "bad" reputation, so NZXT Kraken was out of the race, trading off the beepeetee-woopeetee lights. But must of all, they placed an easy refilling hole for troubleproof scenari (maintenance and air bubbles), and for when I will mod this build with transparent tank & tubes ! Go check this link for a complete review : http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/be_quiet_silent_loop_280_review,4.html I'll save the Noctua CPU air cooler for the next build.
  9. Someone show me that : https://fr.pcpartpicker.com/b/cqRJ7P The guy says in it : "This is the first version of my "Dat Glass" build and while I like the looks of the S340 Elite case I was not very happy with the thermals. I would recommend an AIO liquid cooler for anyone looking to use this case but I am still concerned about how restricted the front intake is. I ended up swapping to a Phanteks Evolv ATX TG case and I could not be happier; it is definitely worth the extra cost. I did manage to fit a Noctua D15 in this case but not with both fans and even then CPU temps were not bad but this case was bad for GPU thermals and in turn made for a fairly noisy build. I love the clean looks of the S340 Elite and the cable management is great but the thermals are not so good. I figured I would post this build even though I never used it and ended up swapping to a different case shortly after building it." "Overall this is a very well constructed case and it screams quality. The cable management is great and the glass panel screws are the best I have seen (very easy to take off and put back on) but the thermals are not great for air cooling and my GPU was running a little warmer than I would like. I would still recommend for a more budget friendly build but for the money it's worth stepping up to a Phantkes Evolv ATX TG."
  10. Thank you mods. Please, how do I merge multiple topics into 1 for the future posts ?
  11. Case : NZXT s340 elite, 161mm CPU cooler clearance space for what I could find online after my researches. CPU cooler : Noctua NH-D14 or BeQuiet! DarkRock 3, both 160mm tall. Motherboard : Couldn't find any spec. about ASUS z270 TUF mark1 thickness. Same story goes on every mobo I've checked, even from differents brands !... Maybe CPU cooler max. room is standardized for all manufactures when they specify them, so meaning both CPU air coolers can fit in the case with just 1mm of clearance. Super tight fit ! And so I found online some builds with photos showing that you are able to close the TG pannel just paper-thinly, but they didn't used the TUF mobo in all their builds. Here comes my 3 questions : Knowing the fact that I choose a peculiar mobo with a thermal back plate that change its look and thickness, will all parts fit in my s340 case ? Or should I go for an AIO solution ? But this time, knowing that I will have to spend more money than previous air coolers. If so then, NZXT Kraken x62 or BeQuiet! SilentLoop 280 ? Many thanks for your help !