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  1. I am getting the i7 8700k version and got the deepcool assassn ll for it. Hopefully it works well but I don't know yet because I have not put it together lol
  2. I'm new to pc's and I seen where linus tech can see the cpu/gpu temps. I was wondering what does he use or what do you use?
  3. I have 2 because got them for a really good deal with the case. I'm not entirely sure about the monitor yet but as far as budget, trying to stay around 800 - 1,000 $ us
  4. I am new to this and this is my first build so I'm not completely sure in some things. I am mostly going to use it for gaming, detailed gaming like call of duty ww2, racing games etc. The case and graphic cards cant change cause already have them. I do wanna keep it fairly cheap. What im wondering is how quick it will be? Any bottlenecks? Is it a solid setup? Here is my list: 1. Core i5 - 8600k 3.6Ghz 6 core cpu 2. Asrock fatal 1 z370 professional gamming motherboard 3. Corsair vengeance LPX ddr4 16 gb ram 4. Samsung 850 evo ssd 250 gb 5. Seagate - barracuda 2tb hard drive (2 of them) 6. GeForce gtx 1080 sc gpu ( 2 of them) 8. Thermaltake core x9 case 9. Corsair rmx 850 watt http://(https://pcpartpicker.com/list/w9hpd6) / [Price breakdown by merchant]