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  1. I do have 5 3rd party fans (Noctua 4 x 140mm and 2 x 120mm) that I think would contribute a lot to airflow but thanks for the feedback il take that into consideration.
  2. I think il be getting the h400 then, I already do have 5 3rd party fans (Noctua 4 x 140mm and 2 x 120mm) that should do well in airflow, Thanks for the help!
  3. Also, I love your sense of humor, I don't meet many people like you!
  4. So your saying the h400 isn't a great case or are you talking about the phanteks case not being great? because from both sides i heard good reviews but both with their positives and negatives.
  5. Thanks for getting me there, I do plan on getting an aio however am also planning on getting 5 3rd party fans (3 exhaust and 2 intake) so I might be willing to get the phanteks case.
  6. Can you change the colour of the rgb? Do I have to physically change it or is there a software for it like corsairs icue?
  7. Am planning on getting a H400i soon, am also planning to get some 3rd party fans but am not sure if I need to use all the fan slots or can I use 2 intake fans at the front and 1 exhaust fan. Am also planning to get an AIO (240mm).