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  1. Sorry guys it's been a while heres the cpuid screenshot https://gyazo.com/1b8da34bd0c501aafc7a51c733b956bc
  2. Did it, it didnt change anything as the mobo was already factory settings.
  3. cpu usage was averaging at about 68% it was still 1.55ghz
  4. Checked all the cables played rainbow 6, got a 50 frame average on low settings, and a 45 frame avg on high settings, my friend has the same build and averaging 87 on rainbow 6 on low
  5. I´ve tried turning cool and quiet off and it did nothing so i switched it back, that's the only time.
  6. Yes the temperature literally stays the same or goes over just to 33 degrees celsius.
  7. I´ve tested it while i play games, it´s always 1.55 no matter what.
  8. My specs: GPU- ASUS GeForce DUAL GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Dual-fan Edition CPU- Ryzen 3 1200 MOBO- MSI b350 tomahawk PSU- EVGA 500w WHITE Ok so i built my pc on christmas, installed windows and everything booted it up got steam and played some games. I started off playing csgo, as this game is not hard to run and get high fps. I set all my settings to low, and search for a deathmatch on dust. I notice in the fps counter im only getting 50 fps, i couldn't believe what i saw. I thought to myself it could of been the amount of players in the game so i started up a competitive match and the same thing´s happening, im only getting 50 fps. Since i know this game is cpu intensive, i download cpuid. I open cpuid and it says my core speed is only 1.55 ghz, when it should be about 3.1ghz. Does anyone know why this is happening? I haven't overclocked it or anything. If anyone has any idea on whats going on please help me. If you need more info i can post more.