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  1. Considering these results are pre-update and that the benchmark is for the gpu, i highly doubt it
  2. Probably will, as this inconsistency is pretty weird
  3. So about a year ago, my Zotac GTX 750ti without any overclocking scored me around 30fps on MSI kombustor (fullscreen), and around 35 when overclocked, but now i get 19fps without oc and 21 with oc. Gaming performance is exactly the same as before. Was kombustor updated/made more demanding? because this significantly lower results worry me.
  4. I have a B75 board so i can use up to 3rd gen, which means a 3770 is a possibility, and costs around $60 more than a 2600 on amazon. I'll be playing at 900p for a while as i got a 75hz monitor then upgrading to 1080p 144hz, so i guess a 1060 6gb is probably the way to go, although i'll probably wait for prices to settle down when ethereum crashes inevitably. Thanks in advance to everyone.
  5. So right now i have an i3 2120 3,3gHz, a 750ti, 8gb of ddr3 ram @ 1600mHz on a GA-B75M-D3H. I'm looking to upgrade as much as i can, and i have a total budget around 400 USD. I've been looking at things like the i5 2500, the i7 2600, the i5 3470, i5 3570 and i7 3770, as well as cheap skylake/ryzen 3 options, but i also need to upgrade my gpu as i really don't want to bottleneck the new cpu. What cpu/gpu combination would give me the best results within that price range?