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  1. I know, but if i was able to upgrade my cpu to an 8 core in just 2 years i wouldn't have an i3 2120 or live here. Hopefully that makes sense lol
  2. Hope i didn't mess everything up. The restrictions are for foreign online shipping. As our shitty 3rd world 3,4 million people country (unsurprisingly) has a fckin terrible tech industry and most major tech companies have no official presence here, they restrict foreign purchases so you're forced to buy locally at stupid prices. Just imagine that what you guys call "extremely inflated gpu prices" right now are literally still cheaper than regular prices here. $300 for a 1050ti is the norm actually. I want to leave so much
  3. Locked or not isn't a problem tbh. Even if i bought a ryzen, i wouldn't overclock at all. I just don't like the idea. Btw i have been to the us, which is where i bought my 750ti and these stupid regulations and insane prices are what made me decide i'm doing all i can to move to the US after graduating from college (haven't started yet unluckily)
  4. I wish it was that simple. You have a limit of 4 shipments a year (from outside the country), and each shipment can't cost over $200, or a 60% tax applies. Also, the shipping cost is a minimum of $20 and $10 in import fees. I'd have to blow 3 shipments and about $60 in import fees and shipping costs
  5. We do have a local payment system that's 100% safe and is pretty much like paypal, except it has physical buildings where you can make the transaction with cash if you want to. It's what most people use
  6. Locally, the i3 costs $175 and the mobo $200. Already exceeds my budget without ram. From the US, again, gotta wait 3 months I could do that, but as i said above, buying from the US would take me 3 months (My cousin went to the US to visit his family) and there's no guarantee my components will arrive safe and sound. This pc i have already had its case damaged thanks to inconsiderate luggage handlers. Uruguay, and i don't know but that's not really an issue
  7. So, first of all, sorry if i've been making too many threads. After i fixed my current mobo's Bios issue (a b75m-d3h), it's been working great, but i've still been looking for upgrade options as my i3 2120 is definitely limiting my 750ti in some games, and the overall experience is pretty bad. And i came across this dude on a facebook group (pretty much half of the 20k people group had bought from him, apparently he has a tech store) who offered me a second hand i5 6400, second hand asrock h110m and 2 new 4gb sticks of ddr4 for around $315 plus my current mobo, cpu and ram. Thing is, in my country, used i5 6400 is around $200, the ram kit is worth around $100 and a new h110m costs $80 at the very least (haven't seen any second hand for sale). Is there any real danger of buying a second hand cpu from 2-3 years ago? same for the mobo. And how good is the cpu? My other option is buying a ryzen 3 2200g from the US but that would take around 3 months and i don't know if it'd be as good. thanks in advance
  8. Definitely didn't know about SB-E or IB-E. thanks for shedding some knowledge on me.
  9. Hey i know it's not really related to anything but theres something thats fking killing me. Why's your pc's name Ivy if it's a haswell build?
  10. And as for this, i'd recommend you try an a320m with the new r3 2200g which is a very good budget option
  11. thanks to everyone, i'm up and running and won't upgrade yet. Cheers
  13. i might try that, but i think i may have shorted the backup bios chip while it was turned off (i accidentally poked between 2 pins thinking it was the M bios but instantly removed the short) still, im gonna do that
  14. not at all. That's the main reason i'm trying to access bios
  15. Welp, it did not. I guess it's as dead as abe lincoln :^(
  16. Really isn't, as my board has a dual uefi bios, if one of the bios doesn't work, it uses the backup, and shorting the chip makes it think the main bios is corrupted/broken
  17. Hey, can't kill something that's dead can you?
  18. I'm looking into that, and watching videos and apparently i have to short out the main bios chip so it boots into the backup
  19. The boot problems? a month Not being able to access BIOS? Since i bought it in 2011
  20. Alright, so i've made a couple threads before because my pc would just black screen after POST with absolutely no way to make it boot, and now i'm trying to change some settings or whatever i can from the BIOS to make it boot again (I'm pretty much discarding bad hard drive as the cause of my issue as i actually got it to boot once or twice and everything worked fine, and i didn't experience any data loss/slowdowns/crashes. As of now i think it's a mobo issue) but the bios is inaccessible, i've tried both the regular and numpad "del" key (i have a gigabyte b75m-d3h so that's the key) and f1-12 both holding it down or pressing repeatedly, clearing CMOS with a screwdriver, removing the battery for 10 minutes then putting it back again, disconnecting the hard drive, changed my SATA cable, reseated my ram, but literally nothing makes it boot or enter bios/boot menu. Should i just call it quits and buy the new motherboard? I was planning to upgrade the platform already but i wanted to hold on to this one as long as i could. Thanks in advance
  21. Yeah i've seen some news outlets say march, some just q1 2018 but nothing really official
  22. Is there any official announcement on when H310M or whatever they name low-end coffee lake boards is dropping? i was planning to get a b250m with a g4560 and apparently the 8100 is much better, but there are no budget options for coffee lake (especially considering here, h110m are the same price they sell for in US but z370 are about twice as much)
  23. I literally don't have any other hdd i could use and i would have to buy a new 2tb drive just for that which i'm definitely not doing because i can't afford to.
  24. Again, isn't it possible to clean install without losing personal files? I remember doing just that while first installing, but i don't really know how to do it
  25. Wiping the drive is a total headache. I have around a terabyte of games to download on a 3mb/s connection. I did see an option the other day that was to clean install windows without losing any of my files, which is how i actually upgraded from win7 to win10 and kept every single game/file. Btw, what would happen if i don't clean install?