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  1. Turns off after a couple mins. Yes trackpad... Couldn't think of the name for it... Fn+F6 (screen sleep thing) works. Thats all I can see working anyway Will check device manager,
  2. Mouse and keyboard was working fine, but had forgot the password, so booted windows 10 onto it. Now the mouse isn't working and the keyboard works briefly. Touchscreen works fine. I assume this is a OS based issue as it was working fine. Not in tablet mode. What could be the issue?
  3. theunnamedgamer

    Laptop not booting up.

    Edit: It was booting in the wrong mode. Literally fixed it in the car on the way home from picking it up. That's essentially why I bought it. I knew if I couldn't fix it, I could sell individual parts easy enough.
  4. theunnamedgamer

    Laptop not booting up.

    Thanks for the help.I'll go visit them and buy the laptop.
  5. theunnamedgamer

    Laptop not booting up.

    I'm fine with trying to boot from another hard drive and checking BIOS. Is there a chance its related to something else? If I end up buying it, I'll be sure to try this first. I dont have the laptop on me as I dont own it yet.
  6. theunnamedgamer

    Laptop not booting up.

    Someone local is selling a laptop cheaply that wont boot past the inital black screen. (see photos). I used to trouble shooting desktops, but whats it like with laptops. Is it going to be an easy fix or hard? Don't really want to buy if its going to be a massive headache. https://gyazo.com/c84de6738269e33dfd31d8afecbee49e Laptop is an acer V3-112P
  7. theunnamedgamer

    Diffidence between the P20 and P20 lite

    Applied for the P20 for £20/month. Hope I pass credit checks...
  8. theunnamedgamer

    Diffidence between the P20 and P20 lite

    Thanks for your help. Would it be a noticeable difference in performance etc. I will probs get the p20, but it has a higher upfront cost.. Any other devices I should consider before buying?
  9. Looking at these contracts and lots of the spec seems similar and the price looks similar also. I prefer the look and headphone jack on the lite. is the P20 worth the couple of pound extra a month?
  10. theunnamedgamer

    Best Phone to get [Contract][UK]

    Things I would like in a phone - Fluid - Large display - Android Added bonus -Nice camera - Headphone jack - Long battery Looking at around £20 a month with a max upfront of £20 I use about a GB of data, a few texts and hardly any mins. I was looking at the Huawei P20 , but can't decide on normal or lite as there doesn't seem to be a huge difference, and tbh, I prefer the look of the lite.. Maybe a galaxy? Anything else I should look for? I was looking at using Mobiles.co.uk as its so much cheaper than offer places. Thanks for the help/.
  11. OK, so whenever I look at it its running at around 29-35oC , However according to core temp it does go up to 40 and sometimes 50, However I never see this happen, so it could only be for a second or so.... Whats the normal for idle etc? Are anomalies usual if they aren't sustained? https://gyazo.com/1eb055bb3f78c4e73f3387806073b994 thanks. Cooler is a Hyper 212X , I have one large case fan.
  12. theunnamedgamer

    Resolution issues with new Computer on integrated GFX

    In gmod its a bit clearer, as in I can read everything. I can up the resolution, but that just makes the game in a sqaure window - it is a better resolution tho. Using a normal 1080p monitor.
  13. theunnamedgamer

    Resolution issues with new Computer on integrated GFX

    Gonna be completely honest, IDK, its that bad, I took a screenshot. Ive attached an ingame screenshot.
  14. theunnamedgamer

    Resolution issues with new Computer on integrated GFX

    Ive tried both 1920x1080 and the 1024x768 , but I think the scale is changing when I click the game , so I have no idea what reso they are opening up on? if that makes sense. (Similar to when you would open an old game like bully or roller coaster tycoon>)
  15. So the Recommended reso is 1024x768, but ofc, looks crap and it looks so much better when I set to 1920x1080. However when I load up a game, it becomes super pixelated and the resolution changes to really "small". When I try loading at the recommended reso, it looks better, but is still rly bad and doesnt fill my screen etc. Is this a driver issue or something else? I5 7600K MSI z270 SLI If it is drivers, where do I get the ones I need and how would I use them / update them.