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  1. Diffidence between the P20 and P20 lite

    Applied for the P20 for £20/month. Hope I pass credit checks...
  2. Diffidence between the P20 and P20 lite

    Thanks for your help. Would it be a noticeable difference in performance etc. I will probs get the p20, but it has a higher upfront cost.. Any other devices I should consider before buying?
  3. Looking at these contracts and lots of the spec seems similar and the price looks similar also. I prefer the look and headphone jack on the lite. is the P20 worth the couple of pound extra a month?
  4. Best Phone to get [Contract][UK]

    Things I would like in a phone - Fluid - Large display - Android Added bonus -Nice camera - Headphone jack - Long battery Looking at around £20 a month with a max upfront of £20 I use about a GB of data, a few texts and hardly any mins. I was looking at the Huawei P20 , but can't decide on normal or lite as there doesn't seem to be a huge difference, and tbh, I prefer the look of the lite.. Maybe a galaxy? Anything else I should look for? I was looking at using Mobiles.co.uk as its so much cheaper than offer places. Thanks for the help/.
  5. OK, so whenever I look at it its running at around 29-35oC , However according to core temp it does go up to 40 and sometimes 50, However I never see this happen, so it could only be for a second or so.... Whats the normal for idle etc? Are anomalies usual if they aren't sustained? https://gyazo.com/1eb055bb3f78c4e73f3387806073b994 thanks. Cooler is a Hyper 212X , I have one large case fan.
  6. Resolution issues with new Computer on integrated GFX

    In gmod its a bit clearer, as in I can read everything. I can up the resolution, but that just makes the game in a sqaure window - it is a better resolution tho. Using a normal 1080p monitor.
  7. Resolution issues with new Computer on integrated GFX

    Gonna be completely honest, IDK, its that bad, I took a screenshot. Ive attached an ingame screenshot.
  8. Resolution issues with new Computer on integrated GFX

    Ive tried both 1920x1080 and the 1024x768 , but I think the scale is changing when I click the game , so I have no idea what reso they are opening up on? if that makes sense. (Similar to when you would open an old game like bully or roller coaster tycoon>)
  9. So the Recommended reso is 1024x768, but ofc, looks crap and it looks so much better when I set to 1920x1080. However when I load up a game, it becomes super pixelated and the resolution changes to really "small". When I try loading at the recommended reso, it looks better, but is still rly bad and doesnt fill my screen etc. Is this a driver issue or something else? I5 7600K MSI z270 SLI If it is drivers, where do I get the ones I need and how would I use them / update them.
  10. Best z270 CPU < £200 / $250

    I ogt the Mobo etc. (got a bargain bundle withot cpu). To get the 7700k from cex would be almost £100 more.
  11. Would it be something like the 7600k? or is there something which would be more suitable. Gaming , browsing etc.
  12. Where to buy CPU

    Best for my budget (z270 motherboard) want I guess. For my budget it is best I would assume. Any other suggestions for the price range. I guess I could go for 7500 etc, but for the budget its the best for my mobo I just assumed new would have been a lot more beneficial. Thanks for the input,
  13. Where to buy CPU

    Ok, so, I want to know where to buy my CPU I need a 7600k Essentially I have a phone I'm selling to CEX and need some opinions etc. Phone - £35 or £50 Voucher Online £190 - £35 from the phone = £155 Cash needed to pay 3 year manufacturer warrenty Never used / OC Sound CPU which will work etc all paper work Cex £165 - £50 from phone = £115 to pay (with possibility of 10% student discount???) 2 year warrenty (vouchers or replacement) 2 week cash return warrenty. Used Could have been OC badly etc No packaging etc I'm on a tight budget. Essentially , Right now, I can afford CEX, but not afford new, so would need to wait about a 3 weeks till payday. Is cex a good option or not?
  14. Build me a PC peasants. Aprox £600/$800

    I only prefer intel as Ive used Intel, like Intel and have a z270 Mobo..
  15. Build me a PC peasants. Aprox £600/$800

    UK Some nice lookng builds. There was a time £700 was plenty.