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    Asus Prime Z370-A
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    Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (4 x 8 GB)
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    Asus ROG-Strix 1080 Ti
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    Corsair Crystal 570X White RGB
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    Samsung 1TB 960 Pro + 2TB FireCuda 7200RPM
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    Corsair AX860i
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    2x Dell UltraSharp 27 HDR Monitor (UP2718Q)
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    Corsair H150i PRO
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. I want a VPN, but I like my fast internet speed. For the people who use PIA, have you had any problems with it slowing down your internet or affecting it in any way?
  2. No idea how, but I just had a HTC Vive arrive yesterday that I ordered on the first of the month from Best Buy. It's currently sold out, but sometimes they make it able to order. If you're in need of a Vive, watch this page and I'd recommend ordering one if they show able to order, although it may take two weeks. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/htc-virtual-reality-system-for-compatible-windows-pcs-black/5901551.p?skuId=5901551
  3. I’ll call them up and see what they say, thanks.
  4. spark_

    Found Online Store with HTC Vive in Stock

    If I’m going to order one, should I order from Game Stop or Dell, in your opinion?
  5. spark_

    Found Online Store with HTC Vive in Stock

    It’s finally starting to come back into stock, thank god.
  6. Buy it before it goes, if you are in need one. I talked to customer service and they say that they have it in stock and ready to ship by some miracle. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/536-bbby
  7. I actually have a media server room for my TV, since I have rack mounted audio equipment, so I could try some rack-mounted enterprise level routers and roaming would likely work better. Ubiquiti is probably not a choice because the places that I would really need the network extenders to go would likely be in a place where I can’t put them in the ceiling. I don’t really want them out in the open. I would probably also have to pull some Cat7 wires through the wall, which is always a hassle. Unfortunately, I do have Comcast as my ISP. If I really want the roaming to work, do I need to buy a business internet plan? I think the thing I just might have to do is leave my system as it is, or upgrade the routers to some prosumer stuff.
  8. I’ll see if my routers support it.
  9. I have a large home with a lot of brick in it, so I purchased a second router for the downstairs section of my home. The only problem is I have to manually switch between the two routers when I go up and down, which is a nuisance. Is there any way my iPad and iPhone can automatically switch Wi-Fi networks when I go upstairs and downstairs? - the routers have different ssids - the routers have different ip addresses - the routers both output a 2.4g and 5g network connection - the primary router is made my xfinity and the secondary (downstairs one) is made by netgear - the ipad and iphone are running ios 11
  10. How many feet of each so you think I should get?
  11. So, I’m going to be a HTC Vive soon. The length between my computer and where I will be using the Vive is around 16.5 feet. Will the Vive and the link box have enough cabling that I can comfortably move around, or do I need to buy some cable extensions? Sorry if I put this in the wrong thread by the way.
  12. spark_

    Slow WiFi

    Is your router behind a brick wall, or other material that would interfere with the signal?
  13. I need to add some extra Ethernet ports to my router, so I’m planning to buy a network switch. But, I need to manage the IP addresses of the devices plugged into the switch. If I buy an unmanaged, cheaper, switch, will the devices plugged into the switch show up in my router connected devices, or do I need to buy a more expensive managed switch? Thanks.