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  1. Slow WiFi

    Is your router behind a brick wall, or other material that would interfere with the signal?
  2. I need to add some extra Ethernet ports to my router, so I’m planning to buy a network switch. But, I need to manage the IP addresses of the devices plugged into the switch. If I buy an unmanaged, cheaper, switch, will the devices plugged into the switch show up in my router connected devices, or do I need to buy a more expensive managed switch? Thanks.
  3. Raspberry Pi Homebridge SSH Issue

  4. Raspberry Pi Homebridge SSH Issue

    How would I go about doing that?
  5. I have my raspberry pi setup with Homebridge, allowing my Nest thermostats to be connected to Homekit. Everything works fine, except for that for when I close my SSH terminal, Homebridge cancels I can no longer use my Nest thermostats with Homekit. Is there any way I can close my SSH terminal and still have Homebridge running?
  6. Could someone verify this json?

    Fixed, disregard post.
  7. I'm trying to setup my config for Homebridge and I'm on JSONLint, but I'm not a coder. Could someone help me fix this? https://pastebin.com/iM9zYrQV
  8. I just ran the SteamVR Performance Test, and I’ve heard from some people it’s not the most accurate. I’m hoping to get a second opinion on whether I can run VR. I have 16GB of RAM, by the way. Thoughts?
  9. Windows 10 Digital Key Question

  10. Windows 10 Digital Key Question

    I don’t have my Windows 7 key as this was a prebuilt system, but I heard that you can download a program that will tell you what your product key is. I’ll probably also check for corrupted files using that file checker. I think this weekend I’ll go out and buy an external SSD and copy my 150 GB of my Steam games. Everything else I can reinstall. Hopefully it goes well. Thanks for all the help you’ve given. If I encounter another problem, (hopefully not) I’ll post it here.
  11. Ok, thanks! I’m currently burning a .iso to a dvd to see if that’s affect anything. If not, I guess I’ll have to wipe and do a clean install with copying my files.
  12. Windows 10 Digital Key Question

    No problem about replying back quick. I’ve literally tried everything since yesterday to get it to work. I’ve tried making it boot from the flash drive while in Windows, no success. I always get stuck on making sure you’re ready to install if I boot while in Windows, no matter which way. I’ve literally left it on that for 10 hours and nothing changed. Only other way is when I boot from a USB and get stuck on Windows doesn’t support this type of installation. I’m currently burning a .iso to a dvd to see if it’l work. l don’t know if you know any other things I can try, but it would help.
  13. I don’t have my Windows 7 product key though.. I have a prebuilt system from Dell.