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  1. surprised that people actually know about matebooks.
  2. Hi all, I am purchasing a computer for university early next year but unsure of the specs I want due to my workload. The most demanding things I will do on the laptop is editing 3k video and gaming. I'm fine with a mx 250/ 150 because I don't play AAA games. However I am not sure what specs I can get away with editing 3k video. I do have an budget of around 2k aud (When say laptop I mean more of an ultra book like Macbooks/Zenbooks/Matebooks) For example is an i5 16gb ram better then i7 8gb ram for editing? Is the processor really that important or is Ram? (I want smooth scrubbing at at least 1080p, video usually have 3 - 6 layers.) The laptops I have in mind come in either i5 8gb or i7 16gb, how big of an upgrade is this? I can bare to wait an extra hour in terms of rendering but scrubbing and editing process itself has to be be smooth. Presumably 8gb is worse off than 16gb ram, however many companies don't allow for an i5 16gb config. p.s does under volting my laptop make it worse off in editing, I presume not but no one has confirmed this to me. Thanks!
  3. Can’t do, my pc is 8 meters away from router. I can’t stretch my budget any further, (I already have :P)
  4. 750 usd, but don’t worry too much. Some parts from pcpartpicker au dont actually exist, especially Umart. They closed down near where I am
  5. Unfortunately 1000 usd is 1300 in Australian dollars.
  6. I heard ssd are faster then hdd so i went for an ssd. But i will definitely add more storage when it comes to it. (I currently use a laptop with 250gb, and I have used about 85% of it after 5 years). And thanks for the advice on ram!
  7. Which Ryzen would you recommend for my build? (Has to be around if not cheaper then my current cpu)
  8. Does Ryzen work well with all my parts? Also I’ve heard Ryzen is not as good for editing videos. Please do correct me if I’m wrong, I am all new to this.
  9. Ahh, my headphones are 3.5mm on both ends. Sorry mate, can’t help
  10. That happened to me when I had the cord plugged in reverse. But I’m not sure if you have a separate cord for your headphones or not. If so try plugging it out and reverse it. Best of luck
  11. Hello all, I have recently been fortunate enough to build a desktop using around $1000, I have already chosen all the parts and hoping to buy it in the next few days if not today. I would like to ask if all the parts in my build work well with each other, and I can use the desktop (hopefully) right after I build it. This is my build: https://www.pccasegear.com/sc/yDB Thanks, and I wish you all a happy new year!
  12. Hello, this is my first time using a forum of any kind, I hope I’m posting this correctly as it took me 20min to figure out how to post this. I have never built a computer of any kind, but in the past few months I’ve grasped some basic concepts. So I have created a new build that suits my needs (gaming and school work), and is also in a comfortable-ish price range. This is my build: https://www.pccasegear.com/sc/bhwFb As I said I’m very new to all this, so I’m wondering if the parts for this build is -compatible (Do all the parts work togther well, no bottle necking) -good for gaming (I have a Toshiba laptop that i use to play dota2 on low settings for 17 fps, so anything above this is good) -anything important missing (Do I need like a modem for the pc to connect to wifi?) Thankyou guys for your help (hopefully) p.s I am looking for a cheap curved monitor, if anyone knows any please tell me. (Price range around 200~400 aud)