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  1. Darn, This is out of my simple trouble shooting. Sorry bud. Hopefully someone here can help you soon......
  2. So i am getting screen tearing in PUBG and this has never happened before. I am getting good frame rate..... Didn't check what they were exactly but way smoother than my old build. Please help PC Specs: Ryzen 7 1700x GTX 960SSC 8GB DDR4 2400 800w EVGA PSU MSI X470 SAMSUNG 860 128 SSD 1TB HDD
  3. I think that your computer is trying to boot your last session. Just try to take out your memory and put it back in and then unplug your PSU. If that doesn't help then i'm not your guy ROFL.
  4. To be completely honest. In your situation you should just got for something around 3200.... If you want your computer to be amazing and last you that long. Saying you don't really have a budget from the i9 you posted. That would be the best, or something just higher end? Bet luck on building!
  5. That can be done, AMD does a great job at multi-tasking and an 8-core processor can do wonders if you want to do alot at once.
  6. Also you can look into the pre builds and buy parts off that and what you think is necessary.
  7. What are you doing with the PC? Gaming only? Content creation? Because if youre looking for into content creation you can get a good Ryzen or 7th gen Intel processor. For the graphics cards try to aim for something in the 10 series, no point in an RTX card at the moment. I'm not amazing at PC's but I do know some what about PC's.
  8. Hey man. Whats your budget or do you not have one? Also I have a Ryzen 7 1700x and it seems to be worth the price so far even though i don't do really demanding things. Also are you doing anything on ur PC other than gaming?
  9. This design has been done. Even phones that had small displays on the back. It just looks a bit tacky to me personaly. I would just enjoy when they have the tech to put under the display. For right now either companies need to stick with the notch or not. No reason in looking into other tech that just looks dumb and otherwise useless. I like the idea, but it has been done and it didnt work out so much.
  10. See my PC is without side panels so air goes right through them. Ik dust and all but i get it out
  11. So I have been building computer for about 6 years and I have never made my PC look pretty. By that I mean I not do cable management, I don't even use side panels. I just like the fact that I can constantly have access to the computer and when I wanna upgrade move it, with everything and set it down and replace easy. Pretty much I just wanna ask the community whether they make their PC look pretty, or you don't care and you just throw everything together and if it works it works? Sorry I know this is weird and probably done already on here, but hey, I'm just wondering!? Have a great night y'all!
  12. Thanks a lot for the input. Ill just see how much my next pay is.
  13. I am only 16 and love computers. But I work at fast food with 11/hr so with school. So its more of the lowest for the punch.
  14. Yep that is the exact ram and the exact place I got it from. Would you think I could get away with just buying the same ram again and double it up from4 to 8?