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  1. Gaming Headset?

    Don't have one Which ever one is better yes I have a big head I like over ear but which ever one get me better sound is what i would prefer
  2. Gaming Headset?

    Just got into PC gaming so it's going for PC and don't know anything about wired or wireless that's why I also wanted advice
  3. Gaming Headset?

    USA don't really have a budget
  4. Gaming Headset?

    I'm about to buy my first gaming headset any suggestion would be appreciated.
  5. Asrock Ab350 pro and bios gpu

    Sorry didn't include that I'm using this on my Unraid trying to use the 6 series to display for unraid and the 1060 for VM but no matter what I do or what slot i put the 1060 it will always output through the 1060 unless I completely remove the 1060 then thats the only way that it will output to 6 series
  6. Asrock Ab350 pro and bios gpu

    I have 2 gpus on my board a 1060 and a g-force 6 series(in slot 1) can't get bios to load from the g-force series 6 gpu can anyone help me I have spend hours trying to figure it out I know it must be something simple but can't figure it out for the life of me someone please help.
  7. Should I buy a gaming monitor

    Thanks for the info and the pictures I will stay away from that one
  8. Should I buy a gaming monitor

    It's actually US dollars and thanks sir I will be looking into this monitors
  9. Should I buy a gaming monitor

    any particular monitor and thanks for the input
  10. Should I buy a gaming monitor

    probably 300 is my max but I would like hear suggestions and opinions regardless of price
  11. Should I buy a gaming monitor

    I'm new to gaming in PC more like in general overall I started playing games in my PC using my TV i'm playing: Dragonball Fighterz, Street Fighters, and Fortnite(terrible player in this one). Two question for the more experience should I buy a gaming monitor? and if so What's a good starter gaming monitor? Computer Specs Ryzen 7 1700 I have a Gtx 1060 3GB and a RX 570 8GB(using this one in my rig currently) Samsung 250 GB 960 evo (for OS) 4 TB hard drive(for everthing else) also any gaming tips would be appreciated
  12. Case recommendation

    Thanks Grockle88
  13. Case recommendation

    6 Hard drives 4 SSD 500W PSU Asrock B350 Ryzen 3 2200G Most important thing is air flow as this will be my unraid server case
  14. Case recommendation

    I need a case that has a lot of room for hard drives and ssd's any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Unraid setting up VM

    I'm trying to set a Windows 10 VM in unraid but keep getting: amd-vi : completion-wait loop time out any ideas on what setting or mistakes i'm doing