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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800x OC
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    Asus ROG Crosshair VI Exetreme
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    16gb DDR4 2333MHZ
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    Nvida Titan X 12gb
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    Game Max Onyx RGB Mid Tower ATX PC Case with 3 x RGB Fan and Tempered Glass Side and Front - Black
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    2x 1Tb Barricuda HDD 1xm.2 128gb SSD
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    LG ulta Wide
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    Custom waater cooling Loop
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hey guys I am currently trying to sort out a Sony AIO, the CPU has 2 fan's, one is damaged and not working, I have replaced it with a new fan that is the same part number and fan, that I have tested and works very well. However, when I put everything back together and ensure that everything is plugged in, and turn on the PC, I get an error message telling me. CPU fan 2 error press F2 to go into Boot menu, PC will shut down in (count down timer). I got into the Boot menu but it is extremely limited. Not even allowing me to change the time. Is there a way to resolve this? Regards David
  2. So I can get into windows with both cards in place on my pc, and still the GPU can not be found. I have run DDU before I installed the GTX1070, for the first time, When I don't have the older card in with the GTX 1070 the only code I get from my Mobo, is a linger d6 then 02 then AA that then stays on. However i can complete shut the pc off with one press on the power button, it takes less than 3 seconds to just shut down.
  3. Yep. When I then go into bios only the older one is showing as up as a native Nvidea card. The 1070 does show up at all. I have also swapped the cards around and have the same results.
  4. hey, thanks for your reply, i have tried it in both pie slots. I left it open for over an hour and had no sound at all. im going nuts without my baby.
  5. Thanks, the issue is that I now have this 1070, that I can't get to work correctly, I was not able to locate a 5 anything for sale within a drivable distance from where I live. SO I am stuck with this, and just need to get this working.
  6. I have both of them, and use them both to try and get the system working. I use the r7 1700x mainly however I am building a second pc with the r2600x, but I only have the CPU at the moment, so I using it for now to see if I can the bloody GPU to work. With the Ram the 2666 does work with the 2600 so I use the 3000 ram with it.
  7. Hey guys. So my GTX Titan X blow up the other day, so I have replaced it with an Asus Turbo GTX 1070 8gb. I hoped that I could just plug it in and it would work well it is not. So my System is Mobo- Asus Crosshair vi Extreme CPU- Ryzen 7 1700x or Ryzen 5 2600x Ram. - 16 gb 2666 or 16gb vengeance 3000 GPU - Asus Turbo GTX 1070 8gb No display or a 20 year old Nvida Card which does have a display PSU - Gamemax 1050w So when I use the 20 year old GPU I am able to boot into Bios and Windows 10. No issues at all. However when ever I use my 1070 8gb, I get back an error code of d6 02 and AA I have tried in both PCIe slots and updated my Bios to the most uptown date versos and still no display. The GPU fans come on spinning and the power LED turn white but no display. I am at a complete loss on what to do. The card was brough second hand, and I saw the card working in the sellers system before I brough the card. However I am having no luck getting it working in mine. I have also tried all 5 of the outputs, I have tried 3 different monitors to see if I can get one, to just work. However nothing. I have changed cables, HDMI and Display port cables and still nothing. I am hoping that I am doing something stupid, or missing something. When I put both GPUS into the machine, it posts into the Bios and I can see the old card, but the 1070 does show up. Thanks for an advice. Kind Regards David
  8. Hey guys Is there a way to get this unit to just act like a signal booster I have a few of them but that's it. I have a Nighthawk router.
  9. Sorry I am a little lost on your termination, tombstone?? But yes your completely right the guy wants the phone line to come through to the office. With the by master line being in a network cabinet. (See image). So so I need to run something from the by master socket to the socket in the cat 5 rack that feeds the line to the office and then from there to a network and phone system. If if it was upto me it would done via VoIP but the customer is always something lol cant thank you all enough tia David.
  10. Hey guys So I made a post a few days back and was advised that a VoIP system would give me the best results however the person that I am installing this for doesn’t wish to go that route. He he says that’s the current setup is an RJ 11 to rj45. Then to a pass through via cat 5 to a socket and then an RJ45 to RJ11 adaptor to his phone. Now ow he is completely IT mute so he might be wrong. Can someone advise if this would work. The connection to the pass through is only used to send voice with a separate connection for broadband. Tia
  11. Ok so I get an rj11 to rj45 adapor. Context to the network switch to send to the room then the other end??
  12. I’m guessing on both ends? Like hdmi to Ethernet to hdmi??
  13. Hey Guys I am a little stuck. I need to get a phone line (calls) through a cat5 network switch, BT have run the master phoneline socket into a telecoms box, and then let, they are not willing to run the line from the socket to the end user, which is me. The set up is: (and can't be changed as it also serves 100 other offices) Master Socket with a fiber filter Cat5 network switch Cat7 to (nothing at the moment, however there with be RJ45 sockets) Phone out internet out. TIA Regards David
  14. Hey guys i am working on a project in a house that is on a plot of land that has three internet lines coming into it, one on its own only provides around 8mb of speed while one has 6mbs and then there third is 60mbs. They location of the third one is about 500ft from the main house which needs more than the 8mbs it’s getting. I know that around 300ft of cat 7 cable is the limit to how far you can make a network cable so what would be the best way to get the 60mbs the 500ft would adding a router or two between a few say 200ft cables work? And how then could I connect that input to the current setup that I have which is a modem feeding a linksey mesh system? tia
  15. Hey guys. firstly I hope this is in the right place. If not please let me know and I will relocate it to where it needs to go Ok now my issue, so I have just installed a Wryestorm media system throughout my home (it was uninstalled as I needed to change some of my networks infrastructure), I plugged in Sky x2 and it works amazingly I then add back in the Apple tv and now it doesn't. Does anyone have an idea how I can resolve this, please?