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  1. Audio Driver Issues

    Okay, @Zmax after toying around with my computer again and stuff I went ahead and updated the DisplayLink drivers for my Wavlink docking station. Bippity boppity boop and it seems to have been the problem this whole time, I've waited about since Sunday to make sure it's fixed and it seems to be. So I'm going to slap myself across the face and thank you guys for your help anyways.
  2. Audio Driver Issues

    Okay, @Zmax I uninstalled the drivers through task manager and when I restarted the computer, launched up discord, rejoined the VC I was in and immediately robotic voices. Shortly after it goes back to normal. My headset still works and others can hear me. Discord still recognizes Realtek drivers for the speaker on my laptop. But when I go to the start menu to search Realtek it comes up with nothing. So, what now?
  3. Audio Driver Issues

    Got any advice or ideas of what I should do next?
  4. Audio Driver Issues

    Okay, I will add onto that after typing the above and then going back to try and watch a YT video the voices in the video I was watching then suddenly go robotic so... UPDATE then I went back again after typing this and it went back to normal so..
  5. Audio Driver Issues

    Okay @Zmax I got bad news, so I did end up getting a replacement G230 for free from Logitech when I reported the same stuff to them and they were just like "Oh yeah sure, we can send you out a free new one without having to send your old one back" and a couple days later without it happening and its happening again.. so far I've only been hearing the quick duh duh duh duh duh noise during while I'm watching YT, it just happens randomly and after switching between some videos it appears to do it to some audios so not every video. So.. what to do now..?? @Zmax @BlueChinchillaEatingDorito
  6. Octasound Sound System iPhone Airplane Mode Interference

    No we haven't we only tried with airplane on and off. We will play around more with that later today though.
  7. Hey, So, I'm basically the local "IT dude" for my high school and today I encountered a problem with our Octasound Sound System when we were setting up for a pageant in our gymnasium. Basically at some points when an audio is being played from an iPhone through an aux cord there would be the occurrence of loud distortion in the audio through the speakers. After toying with it we found out that it doesn't happen when Airplane mode is on the iphone. I'm curious why this may be happening and I have no idea personally why it is.
  8. Audio Driver Issues

    You know what I'm starting to believe it is my Logitech G230 headset that is the problem when I switch to my laptop speakers when the audio goes distorted it doesn't do it and as soon as I switch back to my headset the distortion continues..
  9. Audio Driver Issues

    @Zmax Okay I've done that and I'll let you know if it works or at least improves. **UPDATE: It didn't work.
  10. Audio Driver Issues

    @Zmax This is all I got for the playback devices, both of them sound choppy at times.
  11. Audio Driver Issues

    What do you mean?
  12. Audio Driver Issues

    Okay so it was fine, but if anything its pretty much only improved not 100% solved now, @Zmax So now the only thing it does is some ticking noises in some audios. Like a locomotive idling, I'll hear ticking noises in the engine for example. So now what to do?
  13. Audio Driver Issues

    No, like I said, it's typically when I'm watching youtube or listening to some music. Typically occurred when I just hit play on a video/song or sometimes when a high pitch occurred on such and sometimes just out of random. I've followed your steps and I'm right now trying to see if it happens again, if it works I'll mark your post as solved.
  14. Audio Driver Issues

    Hello, The past day I've been having issues with my Realtek HD Audio Drivers. In some instances especially when I'm watching videos or a form of audio has a high pitch the audio becomes a bit distorted and robotic sounding for about 10 to 20 seconds and then doesn't occur until usually 10 minutes later. Originally upon discovering this issue, I thought it was my Logitech G230 headphones or it was caused by my Wavlink Laptop Docking Station which I use to plug into my laptop for my monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. After further inspection and testing both my headphone and laptop speakers, I discovered it's only really the drivers causing the issues since I could hear the distorted audio on my laptop speakers as well. No matter of tweaking the volume settings could prevent it. So far I've tried, Rebooting the system, reinstalling the drivers completely. Not sure what to do at this point. Laptop: ASUS ROG STRIX GL703V Specs below.
  15. Asus Aura failing to start

    Tried searching up for firmware updates for Aura but I'm not sure which one to use since it all looks like it's for certain devices.