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  1. Plz can any one help me i just forgot my asus rog strix g531gt bios password...i try to unplug my cmos battery and main battery still asking for password..and i also tried date change alt +r method plz help me ....
  2. I try to reinstall nividia drivers 100 times and also i reinstall my window 10 then i found my 1 drive is so slow and also i insert my GPU in old pc now i see 1080 recommended which is good before it's showing 4k recommended i think my battery boost problem is hopefully resolve....thanks for massageing and your support..
  3. Yes your right but i mistakenly enable that option and i don't know how to disabled that battery boost option on desktop i put my settings high on battery boost....in game it's not showing 2k or 4k resolution and it's automatically optimize my games in 4k high setting i laging in games droping frams some times geting 70 80 fps still laging
  4. Re install what i already reinstall windows 10 nividia drivers
  5. I just open my GeForce experience ....and i see a option on games called battery boost i don't know what is this so i just enable the battery bosst option on high settings .....as soon as i enable that battery boost option it disappear ........so i close my GeForce experience and try a game rainbow six sige... it's laging after some time by the way i have i7 6700k 16 gb ram and 1070 GPU .....game is laging a lot i don't know how to disabled battery boost option it's disappear every time i open nividia GeForce experience ......plz help me i also contact to nividia they said it's a glitch or some thing ..... plz help me