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  1. I am looking for the software linus uses in his reviews to test battery life. Any ideas ?
  2. I have a rather extensive library of media, whether it is videos I have shot myself or music my friends and I have produced. Is there a media player that looks like youtube, where a thumbnail can be attached with a title and the relevant information ?
  3. My guy, I'm looking for the bare minimum.
  4. I study mathematics, but naturally I have some mandatory programming classes I need to attend, and most importantly code for on the spot. We will be mostly as be using -as many of you can assume- octave and seeing how I already have a pretty beastly programming rig at my home, I was wondering just how cheap of a laptop could I get away with buying, while still getting responsive system (<2 second delay when opening up programs, low input lag, etc). Would appreciate some recommendations, but I'd like to grasp overall what my basic specs should be (CPU and ram).
  5. Yeasman

    Rip Linus

    Yes, it is a philosophy page with the occasional shit posting charade, I would think that Linus being in the image would underline the ironic pretense but I guess not.
  6. Yeasman

    Rip Linus

    So this absolute gem is blowing up in a philosophy forum I'm in.
  7. I have been looking for a conventional way (no tape cassettes, etc), to store data reliably for a prolonged period of time (5-10 years). What is the best medium to do so?
  8. I have just learned of isomorphic lenses, and the first thing I wondered was if there were any chinese lenses that just mount on top of a typical lens. Anyone have an idea ?
  9. I am looking for a free physics emulation software, in which i can do things to introduce friction, oscilators etc.. Any suggestions ? Also I'd be appreciated if the software is easy to install.
  10. Hello, I am looking for some help while trying to install the chrono engine. There is a vague description of what you need to do to do so, but i am not acquainted with the process seeing how there are pretty specific things that i am unfamiliar with. I was also unable to find any help online. Can somebody explain what to do in vigorous manner ?
  11. Thank you very much, i should hve specified that the obcect that i am lookin to track is just moving around a plane. Thanks nontheless lad.
  12. Care to explain what you mean by that ?
  13. What you do not understand, is that i need a precisice reading if the point is accelarating, you're method is wildly inaccurate
  14. yea sure, however if the speed is not constant the "simple math" method does not work