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  1. It didn't seem like the Volta was made for gaming. Maybe wait a few years and I'm sure they'll tailor a version of it for gaming though.
  2. The i5-7400 plus the H110 together are probably worth more than you'd be paying adding ram and a case with a 700w psu free of charge basically, is a good deal. The psu, as has been said, is likely trash though.
  3. Best you decide that for yourself. You already basically know what you want, it's more about just looking for something that's the size you want for a good price. Maybe throw in gsync if possible.
  4. A 1tb drive is under $50 us and a 3tb drive is around $70. A cheap 250gb ssd is around $80 US so he's looking at around $70 eu for a cheap SSD. It's up to him, but I think the money's better spent elsewhere.
  5. If the purpose is gaming, which I suspect it is, and hdd would be perfectly fine. Ssd's are expensive and you get so little space for the money that you would hardly benefit from the speed of an SSD. He's already got a good build and he's paying out the ass for it.
  6. You can find vids from ltt, Paul's Hardware, jayztwocents, etc that show you how to overclock if you're interested or even just curious.
  7. No. Factory overclocked gpus are overclocked when brands like msi or evga get a hold of the chip and sell it in their own enclosure as aftermarket cards whereas there are no aftermarket CPUs. I don't know a lot about overclocking, but I think the CPU as well as the gpus overclock is set in boards they use. You can buy motherboards that automatically oc your CPU "within reason", but I doubt you'll see much improvement.
  8. Look into a GTX 1060 3gb mini if you're looking into a 1050 ti and you usually don't have to pay much more for it. I found mine for $175 US and works better on my 2500k than any 1050 ti I've seen benchmarked with even the newer gen CPUs. Tip though, if you're going to run with Ryzen, try to use ram that runs at 3000mh; preferably Corsair Vengance or Dominator series as they supposedly perform the best and are validated by AMD for Ryzen. As for the thanks, the forums are here to help people! Good luck
  9. Intel's great, but every year they come out with a newer set of CPUs and they like to make you buy a new motherboard Everytime they advance as a company. AMD's am4 socket will be around for the next few years and if you plan on having any type of upgrade path then Ryzens the way to go. If not, you could go either way. I'd go to http://www.pcpartpicker.com and or http://www.userbenchmark.com and compare your Intel system you're planning on building to a ryzen system and see what appeals to you more cost wise and performance wise. Userbenchmark has a page where you can compare build performance.
  10. Any Intel Chip without a k at the end is locked meaning that it can't be over clocked. That said, you either buy a locked CPU and Mobo and save a few bucks or buy the unlocked stuff if you're thinking of overclocking. Just don't pay the extra money if you're not overclocking.
  11. That's my point. You asked me why I would worry more about chassis fans; they keep the internal temps lower.
  12. But his machine as those specs stand don't really need a thing done to them.