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  1. Hi, As the title suggests, I'm having an issue running some games in full screen. The monitor will just power off and on repeatedly every 5 seconds or so (the standby light will change from blue to orange and back too). Pressing Alt + Enter to switch the game to windowed mode gets rid of it but starts again as soon as I switch back to full screen. Some info: It's a 4k g-sync monitor 60Hz (the Acer XB281HK) I have G-sync on and "enabled for windowed and full screen mode" I have V-sync turned off in games but turned on in Nvidia control panel (I was told on a reddit page somewhere that was optimal) I've made sure power management is set to maximum performance. Nvidia drivers are up to date as well as windows and other drivers The only games that seem to be effected are Black Ops 4 and Elder Scrolls Online. BO4 was a week or two ago and now ESO. I fixed it with BO4 by turning V-sync off in the control panel as well as in the game. That doesn't work for ESO. I've been playing ESO a ton with these settings before with no issue, just suddenly started today. Thanks for reading and for any suggestions RIG SPECS: Intel i7 8700k (OC to 4.8 Ghz) Gigabyte RTX 2080 Asus Maximus X Hero 32 Gb Memory (corsair vengence ddr4 3200 Mhz) Samsung 960 Evo M.2 (500 Gb) NZXT Kraken X62 2 x 1Tb HDDs 1 x 6Tb External Seagate HDD
  2. Hi folks, So I setup a high sierra hackintosh yesterday on a separate drive to windows 10. At first I was having issues when trying to boot directly from the macOS drive from the clover boot manager after installation. I decided (as I thought would likely be the case before I started) that my rtx 2080 was causing it not to boot past the apple logo. I was correct. When I remove the card completely it works beautifully. Boots fine. No network or sound issues or anything. Just fast snappy Hackintosh goodness. So I figure I'll plug the card back in for when I'm on windows (which is the majority of the time for gaming and such) and just enable onboard graphics in the bios for when I boot into MacOS. This didn't work though and even though the video is going through the MoBo graphics just having the GPU hooked up is enough to stop MacOS from getting past the apple logo. So, finally my question. Is there a way I can disable the graphics card on a software level for when I want to boot macOS but not have to remove the entire card and still be able to boot to windows with the card enabled. Also something else I noticed was when I have onboard graphics enabled (the iGPU thing that lets you do multi monitor between onboard and dedicated graphics) but the cables plugged into the graphics card my MoBo spits out a 99 error code and doesn't post. I have to have the cable going into the MoBo first, boot to windows from the clover boot manager and then change the cable over to the graphics card. My secondary question is if there is a way I can then keep the onboard graphics enabled for macOS but be able to boot with the GPU anyway to avoid plugging and unplugging cables every time I boot to avoid sockets wearing out. If you got this far, thanks for talking to read this :)
  3. Ok so if anyone with a similar problem comes across this. I fixed it by accident. It turns out that having a multi adapter plugged into the Powerline adaptor with a bunch of things plugged into that was the issue (even though the documentation said this should be fine). I tried it with nothing plugged into either unit and boom, works flawlessly now. Only downside to that is now I lose a socket in 2 rooms I guess.
  4. Hi there, So I have 2 BT Mini Connectors (Network Powerline Adaptors basically) and when I plug them in and hook up Ethernet cables to my hub / devices my entire broadband connection dies, even over wireless. Nothing can connect to the internet. It will just show a "no internet connection" screen on a browser etc. and the light on my bt home hub 6 will just flash orange for a while before going solid orange (meaning it will try to connect to broadband for a while and then give up and says well something is wrong here). Also the Ethernet connection on my pc will just say "Unkown Network". I'm not sure why they don't seem to be working and I don't understand how or why they kill my hubs ability to connect to broadband. If I disconnect all the Ethernet cables from my hub and restart it, it works again. Does anyone have any experience with these units or NPAs in general that has any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Thanks
  5. Slazeus

    Where to start?

    Yeah I'd jump on a formal apprenticeship if it was close enough. I'm going to look more into it and have a look for some distance courses too I think.
  6. Slazeus

    Where to start?

    I work in retail right now so don't worry I already do haha!
  7. Slazeus

    Where to start?

    I think it's definitely possible between all the towns dotted about. there isn't really a local one tbh. The nearest one would probably be a good 40 minute drive away in the closest city.
  8. Slazeus

    Where to start?

    I've recently been wanting to get into tech on a professional level but I don't know where to start. Should I try and find an apprenticeship or just go for a course. What sort of qualifications would (or should) I have to work as an IT technician etc. I live in the Scottish highlands so feel free to share some suggestions if you have experience going this route from a rural area. For common reasons that tend to tie people to a location, if I need qualifications, distance learning / online courses would be preferable to re-locating. The hopeful end game here is either a self employed repair/IT tech or a employment as one. Thanks for any help or thoughts on this topic.
  9. Awesome I'll go for that then, thanks for the help!
  10. So I'm building a pc for my friend to try get him into pc gaming a bit. I have two junkers that I'm recycling parts from for it (including my old system). One pc has an AMD A10 6800K @4.1 Ghz. The other has an Intel core i5 2500 @ 3.3Ghz. (I'll need to order new thermal paste if I go with this one 'cause I had to take the cooler off to ID it) Also should I go with the one ddr3 1600 mhz 8 Gb stick, or the two ddr3 1333 mhz 4 Gb sticks for dual band even with the lower speed? The system will have a gtx 960 (4 Gb) in it so the APU aspect of the AMD cpu doesn't matter. Thanks in advance.
  11. Slazeus

    Recommendations for upgrade?

    You make a very valid point here sir!.. I hadn't really considered that to be honest.
  12. Hi! So I recently built a new rig, aiming for a more high end result. I didn't get a new gpu though, my plan was to upgrade that from my existing gtx 960 a couple months later to spread the hit to the wallet out a little. The time has come to finally upgrade it and I was looking for some general recommendations. My budget is about 600 - 700 pounds (or about 760 - 890 Dollars) and I'm looking for a card that will of course handle modern titles with high or ultra settings. I'm also interested in future proofing for vr as I have plans for that in the near future also. It would also be a massive bonus to be capable of passable 4k gaming, as I have a 4k monitor (got it for real cheap from my brother, woot). I'm aware of the whole 1440 is better for frames and the like don't really play anything super fast paced or competitive so I wouldn't really "need" anything higher than the 60 mark. (I could even wait another month and raise my budget by another 400 - 500 pounds and be able to get something like the new 2080 Ti if it would be worth it?) Thanks in advance for any recommendations! Also if anyone was wondering my system specs are: ROG Maximus X Hero i7 8700K at 4.4Ghz 16 Gb (2x8) ddr4 3200 Mhz RAM (Corsair Vengeance) MSI GTX 960 4 Gb (getting upgraded of course) Samsung 1 Tb 970 Evo Pro nvme m.2 ssd (+ 2 1tb WD mechanical drives) Kraken x62 AIO EVGA supernova 1000 g+ Corsair crystal series 570X
  13. Slazeus

    Which drive should I get out of these 2?

    Woop woop! Yeah I have a super old mechanical drive now that's holding the rest of the rig back a little so I'm looking forward to much better speeds XD
  14. Slazeus

    Which drive should I get out of these 2?

    Thanks for the help guys! I was unable to find a cheaper HP than the 970 Evo I linked (at least with current deals running) and I'm more than happy to drop a little extra for some better performance so I think I'll go with the Samsung. Also cooling shoud be fine I have 3 Case fans installed (5 including the 2 on my AIO radiator) and the m.2 slot has a heatsink on it too on my board I believe. Thanks again!
  15. Hi there, I was just looking for a recommendation between these two drives as I am pretty unfamiliar with his type of drive. Should I get this Crucial P1: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Crucial-CT1000P1SSD8-Solid-State-Drive/dp/B07J2WBKXF/ref=sr_1_14?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1542848257&sr=1-14&keywords=1tb%2Bssd&th=1 Or this Samsung one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CGGP7SV/ref=psdc_430505031_t1_B07J2WBKXF And will either be compatible with my ROG Maximus X Hero Motheroard? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07682TLVG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thanks in advance!