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  1. A quick search says DDR5 has an estimated release date for 2020, so I'd assume a system upgrade in 2-4 years can take advantage of that for a decent price? I probably wouldn't mind waiting an extra year for DDR5 to get to a good price when I do want to do that system upgrade in the future. I'm also concerned if new dies will make DDR4 even better. Samsung discontinued their b dies, so I won't be able to find them for a good price. A dies have good capacity, but their performance is pretty bad right now so it's not worth considering.
  2. VMs are sometimes a thing, but mainly right now I need the RAM for running a modded Minecraft server and client at the same time. I'd otherwise need to close everything else to run both with decent RAM allocated to them.
  3. So I currently have 2x8GB 3200Mhz memory with 16-18-18-36 timings on an Intel system. I need to upgrade to 32GB of ram, so I am considering a 2x16GB 3600Mhz 16-19-19-39 kit. My real question is whether or not we will see new RAM technologies/breakthroughs in the next 2-4 years. If I get this 2x16GB kit, then I can use this for a Ryzen system when I do a full system upgrade in 2-4 years. The 2x8GB kit will just be shelved right now until I decide to make a DIY NAS, or when I do do the full system upgrade just put this 2x8GB kit back into the Intel system. Is it worth it to future proof like this and get the 2x16GB kit, or just get another 2x8GB kit of the kit I have right now and get the 32GB of RAM like this?
  4. You can get it at $750 CAD refurbished in Newegg right now. I got mine in black friday for $730 and haven't had any issues other than a slightly scratched monitor stand and a broken DisplayPort cable.