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  1. that like a time wasting process for no reason.... there is planty of apps that back-up everything. i used hisuite and dr.fone, but they don't work on this phone. that's why i was asking in the first place, to see if anyone has experience with similar apps....
  2. too little space tho, only 15 gb, not an option, i got about 100gb of stuff....
  3. what software do you use for that?
  4. huawei had a build in recorder. which sounded amazing. all the ones on the playstore sound so bad. because to record the other person they pick up your mic back ground noise= you get no recording
  5. my end goal is to have all my data if my phone gets lost or is broken... and i want to be able to restore EVERYTHING, apps too. hisuite works grate but it's huawei only
  6. all call recorders on android work by picking up the mic, which makes the other person super quiet. is there any app that works better? the one on huawei was soo good
  7. dr.fone saves everything... so does hisuite. but hisuite is huawei only, and dr.fone doesn't work on this phone for some reason
  8. looking for a simple and fast software, twrp requires you to mod the recovery... hisuite is grate, but huawei only... besides i'm pretty sure ADB can't recover to a new smartphone can it?
  9. lol, copy apps contacts and app data manually, right
  10. i need a android back up software form android to pc, to backup everything, apps, media etc... (free)
  11. lol, only read the title " Works great with a little tweaking to make it run initially" sucks that you have to tweak everything to make linux work
  12. dude, you're the one who needs a lot of research. "The only games I haven't been able to run are ones that use Battleye" you do realize that arma runs on battleye right? so i guess you are wrong.
  13. lol, no arma 3 and dayz > missing out on the best games on steam
  14. i only started recently, besides even if i had 30 years of experience i always ask for opinions, i'm not some twat full of himself who thinks he's got all the anwsers, even if i'm sure of something i still ask