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  1. I used to use the ASUS mb and I can check the ram support by mb qvl , I just purchased a Aorus ultra gaming X470 which recommended by many ppl, but my ram failed to be supported, where can I find the ram support list if I am planning to get a new ram?
  2. The DC is the whole computer, there will be a sign showing that no cables plug into this pc when DCed. If the router has any problem, why all of my family not affected by it? They can still play games 24/7. is there any method to check whether my motherboard's internet connection parts has problem?
  3. 500mb up/down I ask them not to play now, and I plug my cable directly into the router, I still DCed once in 2 hours. Seems better but not much difference
  4. I mean, maybe I damaged the motherboard when I applying it?
  5. all started ytd after I reapply my thermal paste. My pc keep disconnect from the internet. It is frequently as 5-6 times in one minute. The duration can be a few minutes or a few seconds. My father play with wifi and my brother also play games but with wires. I am also using a cable for the network. But both of them do not have any problem in game. I noticed that there seems be no problem when I am the only one at home. The network become terrible when they start using it. What could be the problem and how could I possibly fix it?
  6. I’m not at home... btw, I just remember that, the drive appeared after a windows update, I heard that it will happend when some windows update. What will be the problem if I formated the drive that comes after a windows update?
  7. It’s me again asking for help... it started ytd , after I apply new thermal paste to the cpu. Network frequently disconnect, can up to 5,6times in a minutes a new E disk appear in my pc this morning, I just too tire of promblem shooting and I just formated it... and I am now not able to see any screen after a reboot. every parts in my pc is running, the fans and the rgb lights
  8. Pretty urgent can I run the G skill trident Z 3200C16 16GTZB on my Asus Prime B350 plus with its listed 3200mhz ? What should I do to OC a ram ? Like changing the CL? Or Voltage? I am new in OC a Ram
  9. 1070ti can easily get around 100FPS in 1440p with high settings
  10. I saw the tested results and the problem is, the FPS remains the same while the video settings keep changing
  11. But I can have above 200FPS in Overwatch in1440p