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  1. Ryzen build

  2. Ryzen build

    There are rumors of 10 or 12 core 2800X coming out depending on how the 9700k looks. If 2800X is 10 or 12 core I would consider it a go. If its 8 core 4.2 or 4.3 I would probably hold off. 4.6-5.0GHz 8 core I would consider it.
  3. Ryzen build

    I already had the Evolv =\
  4. Mid Range Gaming Pc

    You don't need Ryzen 2200G if you're getting a RX 580. I would save up another $100 or so and get the Ryzen 2600. It performs really well for the cost. I would only get a 2200G or 2400G if you don't have the money for a GPU currently and need time to save up for atleast 3 months.
  5. Upgrading PC Choices

    You'll get the most performance gains if you game by getting a 1080 Ti. They should be popping up used for around $600 pretty soon I think. Other than that I would wait for 9700k (my guess will be 8 core overclock to 4.8-5.0GHz) for around $400 and $200 for a new mobo. After that would get a better kit of DDR4 atleast 3200 MHz
  6. Ryzen build

    What do you think? I think it should look pretty sexy. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2vkDjy I already had the 1800X and I know I have a X470 mobo picked and I plan on upgrading to 2800X once it comes out later this year.
  7. Remove duplicate listed hard drive in windows

    There was no dismount option but I did find a fix.
  8. Any help on how to remove Drive E: being listed twice? Thanks
  9. well i can get 4.0 @ 1.4v on ryzen master semi-stable but you're right temps are kind of high. I have tried manual in bios but it always fails to boot.
  10. I have a 1800x and noctua u12 with a asrock taichi x370 mobo and I can't seem to get the processor to overclock in the bios. The best luck I've had is using ryzen master but I hate having to keep re-opening it. Also, at completely stock the cpu doesn't seem to boost beyond 3.7 GHz. Any help? thanks
  11. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    It appears in order to wake the other GPU I had to run the game full screen on the monitor its plugged into. This seems to work.
  12. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    Just looked and now i see why i have my main plugged into the 1080ti. The gt1030 doesn't have a display port. Only DVI and hdmi. Main monitor is display port
  13. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    I checked my settings in the nvidia panel and it doesn't have the option for preferred graphics processor. I have tried using the option under program settings as well and didn't seem to work either. I guess I can try to look into the bios. Its a new build and I'm not too familiar with the settings on the BIOS yet but I can try playing around and see what I find.
  14. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    Yes, I also have a triple monitor setup 2 monitors are plugged into the gt1030 and 1 into the 1080ti. Could this be the problem? I have my main display plugged into the 1080ti.
  15. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    Ryzen 1800X 16GB RAM 1080Ti(computing gpu) and GT1030 (one I want to use for OS/applications). Yes, cuda is enabled only on the computing GPU. The problem is I also want to do very light gaming on the GT 1030 but it ends up using the remaining juice from the 1080ti and the gt 1030 sits idle