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  1. Remove duplicate listed hard drive in windows

    There was no dismount option but I did find a fix.
  2. Any help on how to remove Drive E: being listed twice? Thanks
  3. well i can get 4.0 @ 1.4v on ryzen master semi-stable but you're right temps are kind of high. I have tried manual in bios but it always fails to boot.
  4. I have a 1800x and noctua u12 with a asrock taichi x370 mobo and I can't seem to get the processor to overclock in the bios. The best luck I've had is using ryzen master but I hate having to keep re-opening it. Also, at completely stock the cpu doesn't seem to boost beyond 3.7 GHz. Any help? thanks
  5. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    It appears in order to wake the other GPU I had to run the game full screen on the monitor its plugged into. This seems to work.
  6. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    Just looked and now i see why i have my main plugged into the 1080ti. The gt1030 doesn't have a display port. Only DVI and hdmi. Main monitor is display port
  7. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    I checked my settings in the nvidia panel and it doesn't have the option for preferred graphics processor. I have tried using the option under program settings as well and didn't seem to work either. I guess I can try to look into the bios. Its a new build and I'm not too familiar with the settings on the BIOS yet but I can try playing around and see what I find.
  8. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    Yes, I also have a triple monitor setup 2 monitors are plugged into the gt1030 and 1 into the 1080ti. Could this be the problem? I have my main display plugged into the 1080ti.
  9. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    Ryzen 1800X 16GB RAM 1080Ti(computing gpu) and GT1030 (one I want to use for OS/applications). Yes, cuda is enabled only on the computing GPU. The problem is I also want to do very light gaming on the GT 1030 but it ends up using the remaining juice from the 1080ti and the gt 1030 sits idle
  10. Help with 2 GPU setup non-SLI

    I need some help with my setup I have 2 GPU's and I want one to be dedicated for the OS and applications and the other for solving complex mathematical computations. The problem is windows is automatically using the one I want for calculating said computations as the default and the other GPU is just sitting idle. Both are nvidia. Does windows or nvidia automatically assign the higher tier GPU as the main GPU for OS/Applications because it seems that is the case for me at least. Thanks!
  11. confirmed after converting a video file my CPU usage spiked to 100% (i have a 1950x btw so scary to hear my fans speeding at max speed lol)
  12. Most reviewers are not looking at tdie temp. This is the temp that the CPU throttles at when hits the AMD "magical" 68 degrees. You can basically ignore anything if it doesn't specifically reference tdie temp. The only programs that report tdie correctly are ryzen master and hwinfo64. source: http://www.amd.com/en/products/cpu/amd-ryzen-threadripper-1950x under specifications it lists 68 degrees, which if you research more is a tdie temp.
  13. Enermax 360 boosting to 4.65 single core with 4.0 base w/ 1.35v with a tdie max temp 64 under full load stress test Cinebench R15 score 3427