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  1. Hello, does anyone have any suggestions for monitor, keyboard, mouse or headphones? I think I should go for a 1080p 23-24" IPS monitor instead of a 144hz one because I'm not a very hardcore gamer and I don't think I play any games that really benefit from 144hz. Also my gpu is not the strongest.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions I will definitely consider adding some color to the build! How do you think I should use the storage in my build? I'm thinking OS and apps on SSD, games and multimedia files on HDD. I know games load faster on SSD but I would need a bigger one to store them all there. Also do you have any suggestions for monitor, keyboard and mouse? I would like to go for bluetooth keyboard and mouse in order to have as few cables as possible on my desk.
  3. Hello guys, I'm building my first desktop pc and need suggestions. Small form factor, i5 8600k cpu and gtx 1060 6gb gpu are of the choices I've made. The rest are on this part list with a small explanation in why I'm picking each part. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/maragkosd/saved/6wVCyc Before I go on and buy it I'd to know if you think everthing is fine or if you have any suggestions on something I could change on the list. I don't want to go over 1500€ and I want generally strong computer not only on games. I'm open on discussion. Thanks in advance!