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  1. Matt Sidaway

    My PC needs a Case

    Hi I am planning a mATX build and need a suitable case. Do you think you could give me any cheap recommendations that would keep the budget under £600 and will not be too impossible to build (first time). Also do you think you could recommend fans (quiet!) that fit in my case that you recommend (if needed) as that is completely empty on my spreadsheet that I will attach below.
  2. Matt Sidaway

    1080p PC build (newbie)

    It sounds like I need to chose a new CPU, an AMD Ryzen system sounds good, I have heard good reviews of the Ryzen CPUs but would that mean a new motherboard is needed? I'm guessing AM4 and 1151 aren't compatible! As @Anghammarad said PSU is missing. So a few questions!: Can anyone point me in the direction of a PSU? Do I wait until I have all my parts selected and add up their power scores? How much is a monitor that would not be a bottleneck for FPS in my current system? (keeping to my budget) How important is an expensive case Do I need to budget more cooling into my system if i'm replacing the CPU with a hotter running Ryzen Sorry if I said something stupid! Thanks, Matt
  3. Matt Sidaway

    1080p PC build (newbie)

    Hello! My name is Matt and I am currently in the planning stage of building my PC, I want it to be able to run some games at 1080p but only have a budget of £550 British Pounds! ($737.86 for Americans!) My current planning spreadsheet is attached. Although I feel I may be missing a trick! Would love to hear your suggestions for the RAM (12GB?) and Case (Plain and Black nothing too flashy or shiny!) and definitely tell me about some better value different parts or things you might swap out! Thanks! Matt