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  1. my maximum budget is $300, is it enough for vm server or vmware exsi??
  2. there are lot of offers on ebay, which one to choose and shipping charges??
  3. i want a site that is suitable for shipping in asian countries.
  4. Hi, i'm planning to buy a Dell PowerEdge R610 or any good server similar to this. as i'm completely nooob in server market, i don't know where to buy?? i found some website, but i'm afraid of scams! the website that looks most appealing is ServerMonkey, please help me find best store that ships to asia! Thank you. and is it worth to buy a used server??
  5. I want to use character Sebastian from its character pack but I don't know how to! Just like he is using in this video :- He is using character Lu as a normal character, I want to do the same with Sebastian,Lu and Adam but I don't know how to use it properly. Hope you understand what I am saying and trying to achive!! I also want to use these characters a Player character in my game, i.e I want to attach third person controller to it! I want to use them as simple Player character with all their goodness/their realistic effects! Please Help!
  6. Thanks, All of the logitech Mechanical keyboards have RomerG Switches, I thought that they differ in different keyboard! Is all RomerG switches are similar?? No matter whatever board you buy, $200 keyboard or a $45 keyboard, you get the same RomerG Switches! Is that the case??
  7. Any major difference?? Difference that affect performance?? Do there performance vary?? Do there RomerG switches vary??
  8. I purchased Logitech K840. But I also came across G413, but I picked up K840 because it is on sale but G413 was not on sale. G413 was $90 but K840 was only $40, I picked up K840! Damn, they look pretty similar though. But now I wonder what is the difference between these two?? Please tell me complete difference between them! Thank you
  9. I want to install kali nethunter on android on termux, But i am getting error when running ./kalinethunter!!! it shows in red text "You are not in home " But i am in $HOME, i also ran cd $HOME. pwd :- /data/data/com.termux/files/home/Nethunter-In-Termux Help!!!
  10. Can I install TheFatRat software on live Kali Linux usb drive??
  11. Ooh!! So, anything can I do to speed up my Mac?? what else I can do with a Linux home Server ??
  12. Okay that’s what we do for Mac!! will it speed up my Mac Mini?? What if I want to build a VM Server?? Can I play video games on my cluster??