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  1. Thanks for the input guys, glad i came here to ask before impulse buying lol
  2. I was looking into getting the Optane to help speed up my hard drive which has everything on it including my OS. Rather than buying a larger SSD and replacing my HDD I thought the Optane could be worth considering. I have an Asus PRIME-Z270-A motherboard with an i7-7700k btw so from what I've read it is going to be compatible with my computer. Do you guys have any personal experience with it or know anyone that has tried it? Think its worth the 80ish bucks? And if there are any other accelerators out there worth looking at im interested in checking those out too but Optane is the only one I've seen. Thanks!
  3. So best to leave as is until upgrading to a better psu? Any reccomendations on a quality (but not over the top expensive)psu? And is there going to be any bottlenecking issues with the gpu and cpu after, or even before overclocking? Appreciate your help!
  4. I just got a new EVGA XC Ultra RTX 2060 Super and was wondering if I can overclock with my current power supply, the EVGA 500w 80+. Im using a Prime ASUS z270-a motherboard, i7-7700k base clock, 16 gigs of DDR4 and the psu and gpu stated above. Planning on using msi Afterburner to overclock if it is even a good idea to do so with this build. Not sure what the repercussions are with using too much power but I would rather not find out from experience lol. Thanks for taking the time to read!
  5. Escape from tarkov, Insurgency Sandstorm, DiRT Rally, and other various tripple a games with getting the upgrade. Main game being tarkov though.
  6. I posted a topic earlier this morning asking which 2060 was the best value and narrowed my decision down to the Founders Edition, but came across the 2060 Super. I see on their site store that there is a $100 difference between the two, although it seems to be a decent upgrade from the FE to the S. I have an i7-7700k base clocked as of right now(weak cooler) and 16 GB of DDR4 3000mhz ram. I plan to primarily play on 1080p. Main questions; is the 7700k going to bottleneck the 2060 Super or the 2060 FE? Is the $100 price difference justified? What do you recommend going with? Thanks!
  7. Ill check out the vid and look into it more, thanks for mentioning
  8. Alright cool! Thanks for the input guys, appreciate you taking the time to read and respond
  9. I was checking out the 2060s on NVIDIAs store and wondering which is the best bang for your buck cards for 1080p gaming? Im running an i7-7700k (base clock since my cooler needs to be upgraded) and16gb of DDR4 3000mhz. Thanks! https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shop/geforce/?page=1&limit=9&locale=en-us&search=GeForce rtx 2060
  10. I was going to get the ASUS B150-Plus D3 and the i7-6700k with the EVO 212 for my CPU cooler. Is this a good motherboard? I haven't seen much about it but it has DDR3 with a LGA 1151 socket which i like about it since i dont want to upgrade to DDR4 at the moment but the processor needs to be replaced. I was also thinking about overclocking but im not sure if the cooler is good enough. At some point down the line i am planning on upgrading the GPU as well. My current and planned upgrades are below, thanks for reading! Current Build: Processor- Pentium G3258 (UPGRADE to i7-6700k w/ EVO 212 Cooler) Motherboard-MSI Intel H81M-E34 (DDR3 and LGA1150) (UPGRADE to ASUS B150-Plus D3) RAM- HyperX FURY 8gb 1866MHz Graphics Card-MSI GTX 950 (2Gb) Windows 10 64 bit Hard Drive-WD Blue 2tb Hard Disk Drive-5400 RPM Power Supply-EVGA 500 W1 Case- Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02
  11. Anyone know a good site to sell old parts? Looking to upgrade and dont have a use for the old equipment.
  12. As the title states im going to play a lot of Counter Strike and H1Z1, maybe some PUBG as well and I am looking for a good yet somewhat cheap processor (Under 300 if possible) Now the issue is that I have a motherboard that takes LGA 1150 processors and that limits my options quite a bit. I was looking at the i5-4690, i7 4770, and the i5-4690k. I dont know if my motherboard can overclock since it is older and cheaper so im not sure if the 4690k would be worth getting, but if it is would that need an aftermarket cooler? Or if there is any other 4th gen processors you guys recommend that would be cool too. Thanks for reading. Current Build: Processor- Pentium G3258 Motherboard-MSI Intel H81M-E34(DDR3 and LGA1150) RAM- HyperX FURY 8gb 1866MHz Graphics Card-MSI GTX 950 (2Gb) Windows 10 64 bit Hard Drive-WD Blue 2tb Hard Disk Drive-5400 RPM Power Supply-EVGA 500 W1 Case- Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02